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Updated: Oct 2, 2021

5th Dimension Oracle is a brand that offers collective spiritual guidance to mother Gaia in the forms of daily oracle or personal readings.

Receive the message Spirit has for you.

Do you need personal or general spiritual guidance? Is there a message that you'd like to receive from your spirit or higher self? We'll help you tap into a higher realm of answers.

Everyone's journey is unique and different. Everyone's path is catered to them so no blueprint in life is the same. 5th Dimension Oracle goes deep with Source and helps you to understand the missing pieces along our journey. Inquire about a personal reading for you or a loved one.

Other relevant info.

All oracle cards used in collective or personal readings are designed by Lioness TeLaine herself. There are a total of 7 decks created for the brand's use and all of them are for purchase for personal use as well. You can also add tags (#5thdimensionoracle #5doracle #lionesstelaine) for a chance to win a free personal reading using all of her decks. Go ahead, #hashtag away.

Be steadfast, stay grounded, and ask for guidance.

For daily collective readings or personal ones, or for purchase of our cards, please follow us at @5thDimensionOracle on Instagram or email us at 5DimensionOracle@gmail.com

Decks of cards use in readings.

5th Dimension Oracle, Hashtag Oracle, Love Language Oracle, Hustle Oracle, I AM Oracle, Unapologetically Divine Oracle, Soul Talk Oracle.


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