Rue The Poet "Creative space and other stuff" / by Lioness TeLaine

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“This track reminds me of a smooth day with perfect events aligned. I can’t wait to see what Rue the poet has coming next!”
— Lioness TeLaine
Rue the poet

Track Review

1.) Who is Rue- Loved the intro. Got a taste of what to expect from the album. The intro definitely set the tone for the entire project! I love the confidence and the positive representation of Milwaukee in every track.

2.) Mista nice to meet you- I love the poet in Rue. I immediately fell in love with the story that was told on this track. The flow was reckless and unstoppable! If you're looking for a song that spits straight fire with no chorus, this track will definitely do just that. BRING THE HEAT!! 

3.) Y.G.B.Y-Love the choppy vocals mixed with a modern indie and hip hop vibe. The message was positive and uplifting. I definitely can pull up on the side of someone bumping this joint! I loved the fact the track had a bomb beat and lyrics with substance!

4.) I'm not perfect-Loved the reminder that we as of humans are not perfect especially us as artists. 

5.) Bride of the Night-ENJOYED THIS ENTIRE BEAT!!!!! One of my favorites on the album! 

6.) What- a- day-Loved this track. The sound was unique and the beat was catchy and made you feel good while listening. Definitely another one of my favorites on the album even when the whole album is FIRE!! Every production on this track was noticed and appreciated. A true artist at best was shown on this track and definitely through out the album!

9.) Y.G.B.Y the Wemix-The remix definitely came with more flavor and even more creativity! Great way to end the album and leave the audience with something to remember. This track reminds me of a smooth day with perfect events aligned. I can't wait to see what Rue the poet has coming next! 

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