Young Gage "Pressure Points" mix-tape review. / by Lioness TeLaine

Pressure Points
“I love the original material and the flow of Young Gage. He’s known to be a “ghost writer” to the main stream but as his own artist, you can definitely read his soul in between the lines. Keep the original sound coming.”
— Lioness TeLaine
Young Gage

Track Review

1.) One Time- Loved the beat! I love your approach. Very charismatic.Loved the story it told. 

2.) All Day- The lyrics were on point. Very different flow. 

3.) All The Way Up- Banging ass word flow! Liked that Young Gage picked the "All the way up" instrumental 

6.) This cash -Loved the beat. Loved the topic for the kind of beat.

one of my favorites- for the kill 

15.) When will we be free- Loved the tone, loved the message and the delivery. Very smooth and a upbeat melodic. I enjoyed the light rock and the percussion

Bonus track- I appreciated the "Louisiana" feel. Definitely has bars on this one!

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