Dallas G releases his first music single to the world! / by Lioness TeLaine

The Transition Mixtape
"Having Fun With It" single cover
Dallas G
I loved the smooth vibe this song put me in. The track had substance and a great lyrical flow! If this is the first release, I am definitely looking forward to more and more from Dallas G!
— Lioness TeLaine
Dallas G

Track Review: "Having Fun With It"

1.) The intro of the beat makes you want to play the track on repeat! I l enjoyed and appreciated the deep yet light message in the song. The audience listening on the other side, can easily pick up the direction Dallas G wanted to go with this track! I am drawn to and love artists who tell their stories through their lines! Stories keep the listener engaged and provides vivid pictures for every line taking the listener where ever the artist went! The production of this track was mastered professionally and delivered in a creative way! Definitely looking forward to more of what DALLAS G has coming! 


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