Lioness brings the FALL in with high expectations! Stay tuned for all of the projects that she has coming!!! / by Lioness TeLaine

Lioness explains the fall semester the "creative business woman" semester as she has a lot of business projects cooking up for 2017! The Queen is making major moves in the industry and plan to share them soon with the public. 
Lioness explains that she only has 7 slots left for her radio show this year! IF GUESTS do not book before the end of the year, available openings will resume in 2017! Book your interview with Lioness now! For more information, email her at 
Lioness also stops in to get some new ink. This will not be the Queen's last tattoo any time soon! She loves the creative process of each tattoo and each piece means something different to her. Shout out to Michael who completed one. For more info on, visit his Instagram at  
Lioness TeLaine also got a chance to visit her future building for business. She is strategically acting upon something that has been placed in her heart for years. Stay tuned for what Lioness will turn this beautiful building into.  
 In this journey that is called life, Lioness lost one of her closest friends both personally and professionally and was hit by the unexpected tragedy. Least to say Lioness was hurt, strongly affected but none the less stayed strong and secure knowing that her friend moved on in piece. Lioness quotes on her Facebook post: "Sometimes we must understand all depths of life. One day someone might be put in your life for a reason. You are to appreciate and value their calling in your life because one day it might not be there. Transcend in peace my friend. You were already loved and you will forever be missed." Lioness promises to continue his legacy and remain loyal to the cause. She will always be Never Satisfied because of him. Transcend in peace Ian Brown. 
Always Never Satisfied living. 
Next, Lioness has Dallas artist "Mr H iz Blakk Newz" on her radio show. They both talk about the obstacles that local artists face in the industry and what we can do as a community to continue to ensure Dallas is heard. They also discuss his new single "That's a Bet" and what inspired the track. TeLaine also discuss with Blakk Newz more of his upcoming projects to look out for. To check out his music or follow him on social media, go to or 
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