Lioness TeLaine brings more exciting culture, exposure and awareness to her show than EVER! / by Lioness TeLaine

Lioness TeLaine brings more diverse culture to her show to help bring more awareness to causes she is most passionate about. She kick starts this with Vice President of Specialized Orthopedic Solutions also known as "SOS" Elizabeth Bress. She speaks with Elizabeth on how she got started in the medical industry and her grind all the way to the top. 
Elizabeth also discussed with Lioness how she overcame getting her leg amputated at the age 11 and how she got her career started in the States after moving from another country. Elizabeth was determined to not let one obstacle stop her from manifesting anything she wanted in life. Lioness told writers that she fell in love with the hustle Elizabeth had from a young age. She quotes "Elizabeth is definitely something grand. She is masterpiece that everyone should appreciate because she's worked for her appreciation".
Next the panel discuss the structure and benefits of SOS. Lioness inquired about their facility located in Southern California and what services they had to offer. Elizabeth explained that they have several services that cater to amputees, their medical technology has improved since launching and everything is custom made for their clients.  Pre and Post Consultation, Financial counseling, planning and Insurance Information, Patient and Interdisciplinary follow up, Onsite Maintenance and repairs and express labs just to name a few are all offered at Special Orthopedics Solutions. For more information, please visit their website at
NEXT, young famous and talented violinist Joy Black spoke to Lioness all the way from ATLANTA. 
Joy talks to Lioness and her co-host Duchess about what music did and currently does for her as a person.  Lioness also found out that she has done a commercial for the show "America's Got Talent" that they often use. She also tells the audience how she got over 30k followers on social media.  Lioness quotes "I can not wait to see her in a few years. She is great already at what she does, just give her time". Joy Black is only 17 years old and is on to a great start! Stay tuned for more music she has. Also check out her SoundCloud at  
Next Lioness sets out to find a new set photographer for her radio show. She puts a post on social media and one hour later had a new professional photographer. Lioness introduces Eric Lax as a new member to the team. She was glad that he reached out as they have worked with each other in the past on professional photoshoots. Some of the photos taken by Eric Lax were later featured in Lioness TeLaine's first magazine feature.  
Don't forget to STAY TUNED for  "Quintessential" the movie in which Lioness TeLaine stars in. Coming to theaters everywhere in 2017! 
Lioness has been traveling to film the movie as well! This scene (left of screen) was shot in Tyler, TX. There are a few scenes that will be shot in the UK as well.  Check out another clip from the movie! 
Lioness quotes "This movie has been the offset of my life. I literally can not wait until it drops. I know this project will motivate people.  That's the whole purpose. To motivate".
Lioness and a cast of 32 has dedicated themselves to a project that will literally change the independent film industry. Once the film drops, we will know that history has been made.  
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 Lioness brings Australia back to the show with her next guest appearance entertainment host Xavier Brinkman from MTV Australia.  They talk with each other about the ropes of interviewing and how he transitioned from Australia to Los Angeles.  They also spoke about the opportunity he obtained with MTV and how he became a regular with the media brand. Xavier also told the audience that he played in a band Elovay as the guitarist and vocalist. 
Lioness loved the energy that he brought to the show and respects his hustle that got him to the position he is in currently. She quotes "This is hustle executed at it's finest". She can not wait to see what the band has up next. Stay tuned for the band "Elovay" and their next performance. 
Next, Lioness brings another new member to her radio show twice a month. She brings holistic health expert Jaquatta Klein to her show to bring health awareness to the community. 
Lioness collaborates with RESET by JEM a holistic health service that redefines "home health." Its goal is to help  a individual achieve a better quality life through their individually tailored programs. The ladies collaborate on a cause that they know will help transform lives one by one. Jaquatta discusses with Lioness some of the details of the brand and what services they have to offer.  They also discuss a question that someone left on the panel for Jaquatta to answer live on air! Lioness quotes "This is definitely the start to something great. I believe in what she is doing. I am glad she reached out". Jaquatta will now be on THE OUTLET as a regular twice a month to discuss health topics and questions at hand inquired directly from the community. For more information on Jaquatta, ask her a question or suggest a topic to discuss, visit her website at You can also follow her on social media at Feel free to also comment below your questions or topics and listen to your answers live on air! 
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