Lioness TeLaine brings 2016 SUMMER to a END the RIGHT WAY! Dallas Style! / by Lioness TeLaine

Lioness TeLaine turns up the summer with the hottest events, best upcoming guests appearances and the most creative ways to bring an audience together!
Some of Lioness TeLaine's clothing for her radio show is sponsored by Never Satisfied, one of the most known and respected clothing lines in the state of Texas and its region. She stopped through the "Back To School" event that they sponsored in Oak Cliff at Villa Clothing to help contribute to the cause and support with the rest of her Never Satisfied Family.
Kids were offered a Dj for the event, free drinks, food, raffle prizes and giveaways! 
Stop down at Villa Clothing for all your back to school shopping or your shopping in general! Lioness quoted to her media crew "They actually have clothes I would wear and these are articles you can't find everywhere! Lioness copped a few items for her upcoming birthday bash. She expressed she was totally pleased and would defiantly recommend the store to anyone with similar tastes.  Stop by Villa's Clothing at 10325 Lake June Rd. Dallas, TX. Visit their website at
Lioness poses by the founder and owner of Never Satisfied himself Radio Raheem. He tells her how he is proud of her and he is watching her  career moves! Visit their website at Use Lioness TeLaine's discount code. $30+, use NSLT and get 15% off your purchase. 
Here is a REPOST from Never Satisfied Instagram page the day of the back to school event. The team quotes "Come check us out right now we the @villa_thegroveFAMILY sending the kids back to school fresh..."
Next Lioness TeLaine brings on one of the top magicians in the world Scottish entertainer Sean Borland to her show.
Sean speaks with Lioness and her panel about his transition in the states from overseas and how he used to perform on the streets of Vegas. He is now the resident entertainer and magician for THE TOP hotel in the world Nihiwatu. Sean also spoke about his personal obstacles that were endured during his 4 year hustle to the top with in the industry.  Lioness TeLaine, her other hosts on the panel as well as her audience took a great deal of informative and valuable information, tips and advices from Sean. Lioness quotes " I was so blessed to speak with him, he had so much knowledge to offer". Lioness was also impressed with the feedback she got from her audience after the interview segment took place. Fans messaged Lioness personally and told her that they loved listening to Sean and he had a ton to offer that night. 
For more information on Sean Borland or to book him at at your next professional event,please visit his website at
On August 18th after her radio show took place,  Lioness turns up for the first part of her birthday at TRUTH Night Club. She had a VIP section on the stage of the club, free admission, unlimited guest list and a FREE champaign bottle. Lioness and her section turned the entire club out and danced all night long. 
Lioness speaks with the manager of the club as her and her guest are seated.  Lioness had her own camera crew follow her around to capture every moment possible. 
 TeLaine's extended family came through the building to show love and help turn up the club with everyone else. She quotes "I was surprised that they showed up, however they were definitely at home and we had a ball." 
She told the manager that the staff from the club were very helpful and pleasant people to be served by. Queen Lioness quoted "I really had no complaints that night. The Dj was definitely on point, the vibe was smooth, grown and sexy and it was definitely a great start to kick off the birthday". 
Lioness and her event coordinator Andwanita were caught kicking drinks back and having a good time with each other the entire night. TeLaine said she was glad her coordinator could make the event, the birthday bash that Saturday and the radio show that night. She quotes "Everything was perfect. I am so blessed. I was blessed by her presence and her efforts. She flew into town to be here and for that I am grateful." For your next event, affair or party, CONTACT  
 Next, Lioness hosts her very own 24 LiVE birthday bash at a venue in Arlington, TX. This was an exclusive private invite only party that TeLaine wanted to have to celebrate her efforts of none stop grind and hustle. The venue had graffiti all over the walls, one of the hottest Dj's in the state on the 1's and 2's and a personal bar tender. Tickets were sold and food served all night. 
Lioness also managed to party with tons of the Dallas Elite Women's professional football team members. She quotes "They showed up as the team that they are and truly supported the cause of my birthday. The team like all other guests got their very own personal shot glass with Lioness TeLaine's official logo on it.  This was Lioness' way of saying thank you to all that showed up and supported. Lioness said she didn't know what to expect but she is glad that the turn out was more than she expected. She was blessed and joyful beyond measures and was pleased that everything worked in her favor! We wonder what she will do next year! STAY TUNED! 
Lioness and one of her strongest supporters pose side by side as the night barley begins for the birthday girl. Big ups to both photographers Sammie Johnson and Cornelius Johnson who captured the entire night for the Queen. 
Queen Lioness TeLaine and the event coordinator color coordinate with each other as they work together to keep the event smooth and entertaining. Again for your next event or professional affair, CONTACT now!
Lioness even brought the paint and doodle session to her own party. Her guests were able to sit down, enjoy the Dj, sip wine and paint a canvas all while enjoying the countless entertainment the occasion provided.