Lioness TeLaine brings more global and international guest on to her show! / by Lioness TeLaine

Lioness has brought the world to her radio show all the way down in Dallas, Texas. She has interviewed celebrity guests and public figures from Germany, Canada, Africa to name a few and has listeners from countries all over!
Lioness continues to do what she does best as she brought celebrity commercial and editorial photographer Brooke Mason from Australia to her show. 
Brooke tells Lioness about her background in modeling and how she actually started her interest in those days of her career. She also gives Lioness and co host Duchess the real of what really happens behind the scenes of celebrity photo shoots. 
To view Brooke Mason's published work, visit her website at Lioness told her crew that she felt they had a kindred spirits and thoroughly enjoyed conversing with her on air!
Next, Lioness brings the music scene to her radio show when she brings American Idol Season 4 finalist Sarah Lakes. 
Sarah told TeLaine that she loves music for music and that if you don't have a passion for it, you are doing it for the wrong reasons. Sarah also spoke with TeLaine and Duchess on how it was being on American Idol and the obstacles she had to overcome and endure.
For more information on Sarah Lakes and what she is currently up to, visit her website at
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Next Lioness goes to her roots from childhood; sports.. 
 Lioness talks with Dallas Elite's Owner and Head Coach of the #1 team in the Women's Football League, Odessa Jenkins. She also spoke to Lioness with 2 other players from the team, Angellica Grayson and Kelanna Spiller. The two players discussed how they only lost 1 game in the last 2 years. Both players and coach also discuss with the audience how they keep a strong team and how they stay undefeated during the season!
Angellica Grayson #52, tells the panel how she balances her work life and professional football as well. She also discusses with everyone how they are traveling to Pittsburgh July 26th, 2016 to play the DC Divas. Dallas Elite are the 2(x) American Conference Champions. Stay tune to see if they bring back home the WIN from Pittsburgh! Go DALLAS ELITE GO! 
The team also tells the audience the details of their practices and how other athletes can try out for upcoming seasons. Try outs starts in September or October. For more information or the season schedule of the Dallas Elite Women's Football Team, go to their website at
Dallas Elite and Lioness TeLaine will always support other women in their community as much as they can. Stay tuned for what else they might have in store together. 
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