Lioness TeLaine teams up with NBA player on behalf of the youth! / by Lioness TeLaine

Lioness TeLaine teams up with NBA player on behalf of the youth in her community! Find out more!

Lioness TeLaine joins NBA champion Terrel Harris with the community and their families for a positive and youth recreational cause.
She invites the 2012 champion on her radio show to talk about the issues that occur in their local communities and what they can do to help.
TeLaine and her co host Duchess also discussed with Terell the Juneteenth event that Lioness was planning to attend that up coming weekend. Terell explains to the hosts that he built a recreational center for his youth academy Champions Skills Academy 
Visit Champions Skills Academy's Facebook page!
They also talk about how they will be collaborating in 2017! More details concerning Lioness TeLaine's collaboration with Terell will be released closer to the date! Stay tuned for this event!
Lioness TeLaine volunteered her photography at the event and was so blessed to do so. She embraced the community she connected with and networked with healthy and genuine activists. She also ran into Coach T of the little league foot ball team "Bobcat Nation". Lioness quotes " Last summer they had a car wash in my community and I stopped through to support. A year later, I find him at this event. It was such a blessing running into him again in a totally different way."
Lioness also bumps into "the" music legend and icon of Texas, Mr. Pookie from the rap dual Mr. Pookie and Mr. Lucci. She made sure she snapped a selfie with the self made and top selling independent rapper in the state of Texas ever!
Lioness and Mr. Pookie strike a pose for the camera as history is made! Will Lioness invite the legend to her radio show? Stay tuned for what they might have in store! 
TeLaine snaps a picture of Coach T's son. Go Bobcat Nation, GO!
Make sure to follow Terrel Harris on his Instagram.
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TeLaine brings entrepreneur of 2015 Annie Akpe to her show. They talk about her appearance in Black enterprise and her activity with business in Africa and the diaspora communities. Lioness TeLaine is looking to network and collaborate in the African regions as well. Stay tuned for what Annie and Lioness might have in store for the up coming seasons of this year.
The Queen then invites Canadian actress Helena-Alexis Seymour to her radio show. Helena -Alexis is a 2 time Best actress winner at the F.A.B.I.O Awards and a Best actress nominee at the Black Canadian Awards.  She speaks with Lioness about her journey to success in her career as well as how to maintain being yourself in the industry. 
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Don't forget to stay tuned for the movie Quintessential dropping in theaters in 2017 that the Queen herself is starring in.  
Lioness TeLaine became a Supa Unit family member now supporting and affiliated with Webbie and Savage Life Entertainment.  
She also collaborates with her dearest friend and now business partner Faithe Kinsler. Faithe from Ruieelle photography is now the official photographer of The Outlet radio show. The Queen is happy and elated to have Faithe on board and the both of them are ready and confident that they will make a statement through the visuals of the show. 
Next the Queen invites local model and entrepreneur Danica Williams to her radio show to speak about the up coming Summer and Denim fashion show she is bringing to Arlington June 26, 2016 and other things she might play a key role in.  Be sure to check out Danica Williams on social media.
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