Lioness TeLaine keeps it coming with more GROUND BREAKING appearances on her radio show THE OUTLET / by Lioness TeLaine

Lioness TeLaine brings more GROUND BREAKING guest appearances on her radio show THE OUTLET. Find out who!
Lioness brings L.A artist Young Invent all the way to Dallas! She interviews him about the tour he was preparing to go on and how he started his own champagne line. 
Young Invent was also the headline for RIP the MIC in Dallas and is sponsored by an airlines! After the show, Lioness invited him to Miami for her birthday celebrations and quotes "This guy's energy is real, so genuine and he's funny. I definitely had a ball with him on the show tonight".

 Next Lioness TeLaine brings the official voice of Siri from iphones Susan Bennett on The Outlet. She questions how she got the opportunity with Apple and how concatenation works with voice overs! She also discusses the other brands that she has worked with in the voice over industry. Lioness quotes and asks Susan "Is there any brand that you have not worked with yet?"  Susan told Lioness and the other hosts on the panel that she also plays in a band with her husband and that they reside in Atlanta. Lioness asked Susan at the end of the show to say "Nice to meet you Queen Lioness TeLaine" in her Siri voice! She was very elated to have spoken with Susan that night on live air and quotes "History has definitely been made tonight. I can not wait to talk about this a few years from now" Make sure to pay her website out at
Next Queen Lioness brings an old face back to the scene. Once known as the face of BET, she has John Reed as a guest appearance. He tells her how he got started in broadcasting and interviews, driving 2 hours to a city for a 5 minute interview with a celebrity. He also told the show how he started out as an assistant at a radio station in New York and moved to Miami to peruse his own goals the industry. He now has his own radio show 99 Jamz in Miami and is a host for iheart radio. 
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The Queen is offered a spread in Power 214 Magazine and asked her fans to vote on the best photos to go in the spread! With hundreds of great responses and positive feedback from her audience, both of the pictures were unanimously selected by the magazine to be featured! Lioness quotes "I am so blessed right now. I can't believe both pictures got selected", as she laughs out loud to herself.  Make sure to pick up your issue of Power 214 Magazine when it drops. 
Productions of new movie "Quintessential" that Lioness TeLaine is starring in, treated her to a full spa treatment after shooting on the film set. "I love what I do. The perks are just a plus", she laughs as she told cameras. 
All the way from Germany, The Outlet is shown love. Queen Lioness TeLaine brings CBC Austrian actor Vinzenz Wagner to her show. He tells her how he took a big leap in his career and moved to Germany to start acting. He quotes "I was never an actor at first, but people kept telling me that I was good and that I was good at modeling, so I perused it" The two also discuss the differences and similarities of the film industry in Germany versus Austria. He tells the show, there is a lot of room from growth in Germany and that it is a rich country, abundant in culture and opportunity. 

Lioness invites another special guest co host Kim Ballou to host along with her and Duchess for the Susan Bennett's interview segment. Lioness quotes "I knew she would add the vibe we needed with her sound knowledge and educational yet fun background. Her personality and made her perfect for this segment." Big ups to her for coming out and showing love.
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Lioness TeLaine is always up for new things and she crept her way onto a golf field with the pros! She was given exclusive tickets to the PGA GOLF TOURNAMENT! The event was filled with other sporting brands, prizes and give aways and a healthy variety of food. Lioness felt liberated and remained active the entire event interacting with other branding consultants. 
 The Queen quotes "I could definitely do things like this more often. I love different and I actually really enjoyed the sport for what it was., I believe because I got a chance to experience it up front and not on television."
TeLaine felt inspired to get a inked up also, this time getting the motherland AFRICA on her left arm. She tells everyone that she loves tattoos and that they are expressions of the heart. TeLaine laughs and quotes "I actually didn't think I would be tatted at all. Both my mother and father have tattoos but I was never like that as a child. I appreciated a bear body, but I have grown and experience and I just want to tell my story on my skin." 
Next Lioness TeLaine invites indie and Carolina Music Award nominee Ashley Michelle to the show.  She speaks about her goals with in the industry and how she got nominated for an award only 2 years into perusing her career. She also talks about how she is a branding consultant as well, managing other clients and marketing them. 
Lioness TeLaine and her co host Duchess always bring the heat to the show! Duchess delivers her favorite topic of the night "The Tea" as Lioness sits back and laughs at it all. They always bring such energy to every panel and keeps the audience on their toes for the next entertaining topic. 
Lioness works on her radio show consistently making sure everything is perfect for her fans every single show. Make sure you tune in every Thursday with her, 7-9pm CST. Only on
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