Lioness TeLaine strikes another SPONSOR! / by Lioness TeLaine

Lioness TeLaine strikes another SPONSOR for her radio show! Stay tuned for who and what she brought to the THE OUTLET on!
Congratulations to Lioness TeLaine for gaining another sponsor for her radio show THE OUTLET. The Queen is proud to announce Never Satisfied LLC to sponsor her clothing for every show! TeLaine will also be helping Never Satisfied with visuals for the women's clothing line! She quotes "I've always wanted to work with the brand in some type of capacity every since I interviewed the face of Never Satisfied, Jay Oliver. I am really excited to be apart of the team and the family now. The line and the brand is just dope period."
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Queen Lioness TeLaine and creative director of Never Satisfied Ian Brown celebrate the new collaboration and many successes to come. Stay tuned for the future projects they have in store!
 Never Satisfied photo shoot coming soon. Don't miss it!
Lioness brings celebrity music video director Matt Alonzo to the show. Matt credits some of the greatest artists in the industry. CREDITS: Tyrese Gibson Chris Brown, Snoop Dog, Lil Wayne, The Game, Hopsin, Johnny Gill, Ray J, Migos,French Montana, Kid Ink, P. Diddy and MORE!!!!
Lioness talks to the director about his beginnings and what happened that took him from rags to fame overnight!  

Check out Matt Alonzo's director reel. PRESS PLAY NOW!
The Queen brings r&b artist Ebon Lurks
Oklahoma native talked with Lioness about what he had to endure in his childhood to get to the position he has worked his way up to. He told her how loyal his fans were and why he nick named them the "lurkers". She also spoke with the young star about he he built his fan base to over 35k followers across his social media platforms. Queen also showed love by playing his new single released the day after the interview "Am I in Love".

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Lioness TeLaine officially goes official and is registered in the state of Texas. Congratulations on the boss move! She quotes "I am to elated that this has finally happened for me" I have been working so hard. Texas here I come!"
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TeLaine stops through to show her family some love with her Never Satisfied gear on. She is very supportive of her family because they are supportive of her and they remain very close to each other. 
TeLaine brings TEXAS BOY one of the hottest producers in the state of TEXAS to her show. He credits 7 Tha Great, Fat Pimp, Pluto Party Boys & More! Hit Texas Boy for business or beats now! Visit his website at to check out more. 
Lioness also brings in Texas Boy's partner in crime Will T Cee to the show as well. Wills credits are Pleasure P, Fat Trel, B Hamp & More!! 
Find out the tips he gave to the audience to collaborate with reputable artists in the industry. Check out "I need dat" on his Soundcloud also at
Queen Lioness brings out the red carpet on her show bringing celebrity entertainment reporter and journalist Kiki Ayers to the show! 
Kiki gets down with Lioness and tells her the rough path she began to make her dreams come true. She tells her testimony of putting herself through school at Howard and making it to the red carpet with stars. 
Catch some of her celebrity interviews on YouTube at and on her personal website
The Queen collaborates with the infamous Dj Mobaby again. These two kick off the radio show with custom mixes dedicated to the show and Prince who passed a week prior to the show's airing. Lioness quotes "I love collaborating with women and uplifting each other and our craft. That's how we build strong relationships and business partnerships. I love and support what she is doing."
 Lioness and her co host Duchess (to the right) poses for flicks with her guest appearances after the show. The show was a success. Texas boy (in the back) quotes "Thank you for the dope interview. Shout out to one of the best host in the country." TeLaine later told the cameras she was blessed by both Texas Boy and Will T Cee's presence at the station. She said "Overall it was just a dope interview."
Lioness brings Az Marie from empire to her show. She talks with the Milwaukee native about her different passions and the other things in the industry that she is involved in. Lioness tells the star that she is also from Milwaukee and can relate to some of the obsticles she had to endure to get to where she is today. Lioness quotes "Sometimes, you must sacrifice, period!". The Queen looks forward to what Az Marie may bring to any industry she works in the near future. 
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Lioness brings known and respected artist Young Invent all the way from Cali to her radio show. He talks about headlining for Rip The Mic in Dallas and the tour he is currently traveling on. He also discusses with TeLaine his April 27th mix tape and what to expect from him in the near future. Check out his singles with Rick Ross and Ceelo Green on his website at
Make sure to follow Lioness on all of her social media. Stay tuned for the other collaborations she has this summer! She will be traveling to different states and overseas to work and collaborate with different people in the industry. Find out who, STAY TUNED!

CYPHER THURSDAY went down! Shout out to all of the past participants, Aquarius (to the right), Que P (below), and James Pollard(far left to the back). Lioness and Duchess held it down supporting all of the artist behind the scenes. Duchess quotes " I enjoyed all of them, I hope they stay focused on what they really want." 
Watch for what TeLaine has coming next. 
 She says she will conquer the world. Only time will tell...