Lioness TeLaine brings in more EXCLUSIVE guests from across the globe! Professional actors, rappers, branding consultants & more! / by Lioness TeLaine

Lioness TeLaine brings in more EXCLUSIVE guests from across the globe! Professional actors, rappers, branding consultants & more!

Lioness TeLaine brings CBS Actor Tunde Laleye from popular Tv series "Zoo" live on air to speak about all the productions he has his face in.
Tunde tells Lioness and her co-host Duchess about his upbringing in Africa and what he had to endure to make it as a successful professional actor in the states.
He also lets her in on some of the other productions the public could expect to see him in next.  Check out his trailer on Zoo and watch for the new season! Keep up with him on social media as well!
He also explains to Lioness what industry he began his career in and how he transitioned to roles behind the big screen! Stay tuned for this episode. Coming soon!
Next Lioness TeLaine and co-host Duchess talks to legendary Texas native Chalie Boy. 
 Lioness mentioned on air to the rapper that when the public found out that she was doing an interview with him, she received major traffic, with Facebook messages, text messages, emails, comments and shares on social media posts than ever before. 
TeLaine quotes "When people found out I was doing an interview with you, they were like oh my goodness, much love to him. You got me major cool points"

Check out his song in the Toyota commercial! Chalie talks with Lioness on he got the opportunity with the car company and how he plans to elevate his career after. Check out all of Chalie's boy music on his website now! 
Chalie also tells Lioness how he promotes his music and gets it out to the public once it releases. To find out all of these tips from the successful rapper himself, stay tuned for this exclusive episode. 

Lioness pays homage to her dope co-host that holds it down every week. She explains that her co-host is a creative chic that is unique in her own way. She quotes "She always brings exactly what she brings and that's who she is. That's what I like about her. You don't have to ask her to bring it, she just does". 
 She describes their relationship as dynamic and powerful. They both know what to bring to the production and they make the show fun, funny and entertaining. 
Lioness TeLaine plans a trip to Africa, the motherland. Stay tuned for the project she has coming up overseas. 
Next, Lioness TeLaine brings Public Speaker & Branding professional for NIKE, Johnny Bailley on her show to speak to the audience on how to brand their companies. He also gave the best tips on how to market what you want to see in your companies results. Lioness spent time with him discussing other organizations and brands that he played a key role in. Check out some of his writings on Black Wall Street and other black entrepreneurs. Check out his interviewing blog Shine Hard to see who he has been exposing in the industry as well as his personal website
The Queen brings in triumph and testimonial author Ron Walker. 
 Ron Walker discuss with Lioness how he over came his depression when loosing his wife, his house, multiple businesses and his grandmother. He explains to Lioness some of his deepest pains and how he got out of negative situations. Lioness asked the author if writing has always been his outlet to hurt. She quotes " Not every one is equipped with skills to express themselves and turn it into profit that changes lives. You seem like a very wise man". Author Ron Walker also explains to TeLaine that he writes when life calls him to tell a story on paper. He wrote a book in 2 days and currently has 6 books written. Visit his website and check out his hard copies and audio books as well.
Queen Lioness meets with Creative Director E. Brown of Never Satisfied to discuss becoming a brand ambassador and helping out with video visuals for their women's clothing.  
She is decked in their clothing the day before her show! She explains that she has had her eye on the brand since she interviewed Jay Oliver for one of her very first interviews. Lioness quotes " I love the brand, I love the clothes. their image is dope and I know all of their ambassadors are hard working people. I want to be apart of something like that, that is bigger than me."
Make sure to stop and check out some exclusive gear from Never Satisfied. and their website as well
 Lioness shows off her Never Satisfied chain that a good friend gave to her for the new accomplishment with the brand. She is definitely certified now!
TeLaine poses in the private Never Satisfied store after her one on one meeting with the creative director. 

Check out the clip #8 from the new movie Quintessential in which she plays lead role Saaphire Jones. The movie is expected to drop in 2017! 
 The Queen is on set of Quintessential with professional boxer and comedian Jarvis Marvis who plays her younger brother. Stay tuned for the movie dropping in theaters everywhere!
She quotes " I am elated to be working with such a funny man on this project. This is not the last once more, we will work again".
 Lioness brings R&B and Soul singer Jessica Betts to her show to speak on what she's been up to since she won Missy Elliot's hit reality show "Road to Stardom". She will be dropping two new singles on the show and speaking with the Queen about how she is making it independently in the industry. Stay tuned for this interview. Only on THE OUTLET.
 Be sure to check her music out and watch for her new hit singles on the radio! Also check for her most recent projects by visiting her website.

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