Lioness TeLaine brings in more celebrity guests to her show! / by Lioness TeLaine

Lioness TeLaine brings in more celebrity guests to her show and more exclusive interviews. 

Queen Lioness kicks off the next couple of weeks of her show with a stench of Hollywood!

She steps into the walls of Hollywood for a brief moment live on air! Lioness TeLaine invites 

Co Founder of The 5th Element Magazine, Brand Influencer of FootAction and host of the Afterbuzztv Nino Llanera. 

She spoke with Nino about some of his upcoming projects and his online hip hop and lifestyle magazine.  Nino talked about how it is living in L.A and how he got the opportunity on the Afterbuzz Tv. Make sure to check out the mag while online! . Also be sure to check him and a few others out on the Afterbuzz Tv. Before getting off air with Nino, Queen Lioness told him, she'd be in L.A very soon and she looks forward to linking with him. Stay tuned for the Queen's trip to Los Angeles. 

Next Lioness TeLaine crosses over and brings dope rock band Do We All Agree to her set. This interview segment had over 6 countries tuned in! 

She explain's that she has a diverse and broad range of music in her heart and that she comes from a back ground that appreciates and values all music for what it is. She quotes "I am in love with music, good music. I grew up listening to all genres and that is how I will develop my show; on a global platform, diverse one, with all genres, so that I can reach all audiences and touch all people. People are people, just like music. We have different kinds and we must accept them all."

She talks to 2 of the band members on behalf of the entire band. (Chris on left, Will on right) She told her audience that she loves the fact that they are still in high school and perusing their goals simultaneously.  Chris and Will talked about their upcoming shows and how they get booked at local events around Dallas. TeLaine agreed to go to one of their upcoming shows to support as there are plenty to attend! Listen to them on soundcloud. or check out their website

Watch the ENTIRE EXCLUSIVE interview here now! Press play!

 IT GOES DOWN! Press play and watch the entire interview and some right now!

Queen Lioness TeLaine celebrates the fact that she has officially over 5,000 views to her website since launching! 

Dedication and structure she explains is how she experiences some of her successes in the media and press. 

 Make sure to catch THE OUTLET  featuring artist Brandan Q right here. Press Play!

Queen Lioness TeLaine is on set of her new movie "Quintessential" coming to theaters in 2017! This photo displays her in a recording studio playing lead role "Saaphire". 

In this photo, Lioness TeLaine is on set with actor Ashton Woodard who plays her little sister.

 Watch the exclusive snippet here. Stay tuned for the movie to come to a theater near you in 2017! 

Lioness invites Recording Artist/Ghost Writer Young Gage to her show. He is a Baton Rouge native and credits Dj Smallz, Mannie Fresh, Too Short, Foxx, Lil Cali & more. Quoted from his website:

Young Gage has opened up for artists such as but not limited to, Cassidy, Webbie, Chingy, Kevin Gates, Choppa Styles and more

They talk about how it is to be behind the scenes in the music industry and how it takes a true humble artist to use their talents behind the scenes to progress. Young Gage also tells Queen Lioness about his record label he plans to launch sometime this year. 

Make sure to check out his website to see what's popping and what's new with him.

Young Gage also discussed with the Queen about his album "Pressure Points" he plans to drop. 

TeLaine gave a shout out to the artist on her personal twitter stating that he was the one artist that promoted the most for a single interview segment with her. Lioness quotes "He understands the business, that's why he is where he is." Lioness also aired his track "Baton Rouge (Southside)" the evening of his segment. Check his music out on or on

Lioness TeLaine loved his vibe on air and is looking forward to doing business with him again. 

Shout out to Duchess, the co host of THE OUTLET. Queen Lioness quotes, "She holds it down and brings vibrancy to the show." They work very well with each other and she is blessed to have her on board. 

Lioness TeLaine is on a path straight to success. To follow her and keep up with all of her latest projects, follow her on all of her social media.