Lioness TeLaine brings EXCLUSIVE GUEST live on air to her radio show THE OUTLET! / by Lioness TeLaine

Lioness TeLaine gets all exclusive insiders with LLC owner and personal trainer "SportMyFitness" Yoshi Barnes. She talks with the entrepreneur on how she got her business started and good lifestyle tips for daily living.

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Located all the way in  Milwaukee,Wisconsin, Yoshi Barnes expressed to TeLaine what it took to embark on her business ideas and make them manifest into a working business. Visit

 for live strength and conditioning techniques and work out regimens.

Next she gets all the S

COOP from fashion designer Jolie Rashawn who is launching her own line labeled "J.R Closest". She gave professional tips on how models should conduct a modeling audition and how to stand out from the rest of your competitors. 

Lioness then talked to Jolie about her fashion show in which she is launching her own line called B.L.A.D (Bright Like A Diamond). Jolie also reviled on air that she was once a spokes model for Thorobreadz Jeans

Stay tuned for Fashion show B.L.A.D coming soon to you April 15 at the Lofty Spaces, located 816 Montgomery St. Dallas, TX. 

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Lioness then catches up and m

ingles with K104FM Hip Hop radio station after the MAVERICKS GAME at The African American Heritage Party ! Shout out to them!  


Lioness then finds herself as a guest Appearance Co-Host on Street Committee Radio. She spoke spontaneously live on air to a fresh audience. The audience was very receptive and she loved seeing new and innovative ways to conduct a production.  SHOUT OUT to Street Committee. Lioness quoted "They give the underground scene life to live in the industry". 

BIGGUPS to the music artist Passion who came through to show love on set! 

Next Lioness takes it all the way to CHI-TOWN, getting all the DOPE INSIDES on soulful singer Sydney Jay. 

Sydney tells Lioness how she got in the music industry at such a young age and how her music reached over 17k listens on SOUND CLOUD! Lioness also played single "Attention" live on air during the evening of Sydney's segment. Go follow Sydney Jay on all of her social media. 

IG: Sydjaymusic. 

Lioness brings NEW AND DOPE CO-HOST Duchess to the set for good! 

Duchess is apart of All Star Magazine as well as Lioness and she thought it would only be right to bring her on board to THE OUTLET to represent! 

Both Lioness and Duchess bring their own flava to the show with Duchess keeping the show balanced with her humorous entertainment topics and TeLaine w her real and informative information. Both HOSTS bring out unique elements in the show and keep the listeners wanting more. 

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Lioness TeLaine talks on her radio show about the juice. THE OUTLET- Week 6.

In between airing her radio show, Lioness is also starring in the new movie "Quintessential", playing lead role Saaphire.

Saaphire (Lioness) & Lil sister Jazz. (Amber)

A Scene from "Quintessential the Movie- clip 5. Stay tuned for it coming in theaters to you in 2017!

Lioness TeLaine introduced CYPHER THURSDAY to her radio show on Week 7.  She explains that she anticipates having CYPHER THURSDAY once a month to give the hottest talent around a chance to be heard. 

6 artists spit on the mic a hard 15 minutes. 

Mr. H "Blakk Newz", Lil Cayne who spit on 106 & Park, Da Kanon & Platinum Minds (Dallas G & Yung Brown)

The evening of the cypher, Lioness quotes "All the artists are dope and I know they will be hot tonight". SHOUT OUT to all of artists that came through and showed love at the studio. 

Lioness and co-host Duchess also sits down with Former NFL Vikings Player Talance Sawyer  They talk about his career in the industry and  what he is up to now that he is out of the league

Talance takes a strikes with Duchess and Lioness. 

Check out the SHOW in its entirety.


Get caught up with all of the other episodes if you've missed one! 

Week 8, Lioness & Duchess goes hard with upcoming sexy & hot artist Brandan Q from Baton Rouge! His new hit single "U hear Me" is on K104 FM and also popular radio show Bay bay's show.  Lioness showed loved and aired it on her show as also! 

She gets the inside on how he got his music on all the radio stations! Lioness stated that he got the most social media shares for any single interview segment, bringing in more listening volume than ever on the show! BIGGUPS to Brandan Q for coming on the show and breaking records.

Lioness was also featured on a website for the Renaissance Woman! The website promotes healthy lifestyles, uplifts and rebuilds Renaissance Woman to keep her going. 


 to explore what all the site has to offer this generation of women! The founder of The Renaissance Woman is Sharay Jackson and is known to be culturally diverse and encouraging.

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 Don't forget to watch out for the new movie "Quintessential" that TeLaine is starring in. This independent film is directed, written and produced by Sammie Johnson who was also know to be the set photographer for The Carter High movie. The movie is full of dynamics and fresh upcoming actors and actresses never before seen on screen. Lioness brings a different element to the film and quotes " I can not wait to the project drops, from there, only time will tell"

Watch this clip as Lioness plays Saaphire in this cultivating role. The movie is expected to drop sometime in 2017.

This picture was taken while filming by the director, Sammie Johnson after the airing of her radio show one night. 

Catch a whole 40 SEC snippet of the movie COMING SOON TO THEATERS!

Watch out for all of the projects Lioness TeLaine is bringing to you. It won't be long before she is on television everywhere! 

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