Lioness Telaine interviews Michelle Carter on "The Outlet" Show / by Lioness TeLaine

 "2 time Olympian 2015 World Championship Bronze Medalist" Michelle Carter speaks on THE OUTLET.!
Michelle Carter is an American shot putter and is the current record holder. She was born in California, but grew up in Red Oak, Texas and attended Red Oak High school.
Michelle Carter sits down with Lioness and co-host Duchess to tell her story and how she became a PRO ATHLETE!. 
Lioness mentions how humbled Michelle is and that she was honored to be sitting in the same room as her. She quoted "This is crazy, I never would have thought. Life is a blessing, life is possible". WATCH for what Michelle had to say on AIR!
Next, Lioness brings comedian & PRO Welter Weight Boxer Marvelous Jarvis to the set! 
He talks to Lioness about his first upcoming professional fight! Stay tuned for who he fought and the KNOCK OUT he gave to his opponent! 
He tells TeLaine how he got started in comedy and how his videos receives over A MILLION VIEWS!!
Jarvis brings in his first win of his career! 
Next...Lioness steps into a different age bracket with Youth Model Nylah Jade
Nylah Jade is a published model who has been seen in commercials and other professional adds. 10 year old Nylah spoke her mind in the Power 214 studios and expressed to TeLaine where she saw herself as a teen.
 Co-host and model Faithe Kinsler, Nylah and Lioness poses side by side after their exclusive interview segment went down.  Nylah tells both ladies that she had a lot of fun and that she can not wait to do more radio interviews! Watch out for Nylah in more fashion shows. Visit her official fan page on Facebook at "Nylah Jade Modeling Page"
Next Lioness TeLaine is seen filming new movie "Quintessential", Directed and Written by Sammie Johnson. 
Sammie is known to be the set photographer for the movie "Carter High" starring Forest Whitaker & Angela Bassett. Lioness plays a leading role "Sapphire". 
The new independent film is set to drop in 2017!  Director Sammie Johnson speaks about his new film and what to expect from it on THE OUTLET. Catch a few scenes from the rising movie below!
Be sure to check out the interview clips and get more familiar with the other lead actors and actresses in the film!
Director Sammie Johnson (Left) and Michelle Carter Pro Nike Athlete & 2015 Olympian (right) hang out at the radio station after their interview on THE OUTLET. Only on Power 214 Radio! 
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Thanks to the SHOUT OUT, Director Sammie Johnson gave Lioness for her hard work and dedication to her craft. Sammie quoted "She's the biggest female hustler I know... she don't know I was loving the way she operates months before I even asked her to be one of the stars of the movie...I be peeping the trill and the busters...even if I don't say nothing". 
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