THE JOINT! Lioness TeLaine goes inside the four walls of the new upscale club! / by Lioness TeLaine

The Joint
10333 Technology Blvd E, Dallas, TX 75220 
  Catch a sip at one of the many bars the club has to offer!! At The Joint, you can catch a drink and also find ALL the networkers you need under one roof. Martini maybe? 
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Hop on the dance floor or catch the MC on stage getting the crowd RIGHT! Stick around For Karma Saturdays and Soulful Sundays as well.
 Lioness said there were definitely good vibes left at this bar. There is plenty of space for you and your crowd to bring in a smooth cocktail. Lioness' favorite cocktail that night was a Kettle One Martini! Try it next time your at The Joint!
Lioness TeLaine's view of the dance floor.
She stated that she loved the lighting inside of the club. She said it gave the club a nice esthetic feel and a sexy welcome to the guests.
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Lioness TeLaine finally makes her way around to the DJ BOOTH. Flicking pics with Dj Flip!
Make sure to show him some love if you catch yourself in his area.
Get out and shake your tail feather on the complimentary dance floor.
  Lioness TeLaine caught some pretty dope pictures of the new renovated club in the inside. She said she loves everything in the club from the furniture, to the mirrors on the wall in the VIP area.  GOOD SHOT!
Lioness putting in work on the outskirts of The Joint. She said she loved the different levels and areas of the club. TeLaine also said that they definitely put in a lot of creativity into the design and décor of the club and she appreciates the ambiance.
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