Lioness TeLaine gets it ALL! INTERVIEW with Dj Mobaby and Sexy R&B artist CORESS!! Check it out!!! / by Lioness TeLaine

Lioness TeLaine gets ALL of the inside scoop from the sexiest entertainers in Dallas! DJ MOBABY & RnB Singer CORESS!

RnB singer Coress tells Lioness he's representing for his city, his dreams, and his accomplishments. He's come so far and has so far to go as an artist. Lioness mentioned that she loves his drive and his vision of himself in the industry. JEWLERY CREDS to Versace and Michael Kors. Lioness mentioned she loved his sense of creativity in his fashion and that same sense of creativity reflects in his artistry.

Coress post downtown at the Trinity Skyline as All Star Magazine and Lioness TeLaine prepare the film set for the interview.
Make Sure to check out the Trinity Skyline Trail located right by the bridge downtown Dallas.
 The actual trail where the interview was filmed.

Dj Mobaby and Coress chopping it up about business plans and what they wanted to dive into after their interview

 Mobaby gives infamous Lioness TeLaine a shout out during their interview. Before cameras started rolling, she told Lioness that she had no filter. Everything was all real, no bloopers!
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Mobaby posting up behind the scenes of the interview.
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SHOUTOUT TO ALL STAR MAGAZINE for the videography and the editing of the video.
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  Coress and Dj Mobaby flexes in front of the camera as they tell the word about the movement they are apart of.
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Lioness TeLaine strikes a sexy pose with the dj. The two beautiful ladies were very outgoing together and all eyes were on them during the shooting of the interview. Lioness said she truly was blessed by the good vibes that Mobaby brought to the table, the entire interview with Coress and collaborating with All Star Magazine was a highlight for her thus far.
ALL 3 entertainers rapped up their exclusive interview with a selfie and also celebrating together afterwards. They decided to turn up at popular outdoor club Bungalow.
Go visit Bungalow for an epic night with outdoor action, outdoor dj's and an outstanding outdoor dance floor!
Coress & Dj Mobaby concludes their night with Lioness TeLaine. Big-ups to ALL STAR MAGAZINE for the videography, editing and most of all their support! Lioness told cameras she truly appreciates being apart of the All Star Magazine family now and wouldn't have it any other way. You can catch this entire interview on the official ALL STAR MAGAZINE website.

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