Canidates Richard Vazquez and Preston Payne running for City Council See what they have to say!!!! / by Lioness TeLaine

Candidate Preston Payne running for Dallas City Council and Richard Vazquez running for City Council, District 6, talks with Lioness TeLaine about diverse issues in Dallas!
Richard Vazquez walking with Lioness. He expresses his thoughts on some of the things he witnesses day to day in Dallas.

Preston Payne poses in front of the Bomb Factory, pondering on his ambitions. He expressed to Lioness TeLaine that he is genuine and he would be genuine to the people. He said that he could relate to the public and help bring the awareness needed.

The politicians and Lioness chose to take a stroll downtown Dallas to film most of the interview. Downtown Dallas can be home to destitute people who are left with no shelter and very little to no food. Richard wanted to bring conscious attention to the area.

  Lioness TeLaine said that she feels that Richard Vazquez is very passionate about the concerns of the people and his desires to express resolutions in office. Stay tuned in the video on what he is willing to do to bring change as City Council.

Get a load of that art on the side of the building! Downtown Deep Ellum is one of TeLaine's most favorite places to visit because of the culture. It is immersed with diverse art, food, music and people. TeLaine expressed that the area of downtown alone is art to her.

 Lioness TeLaine and Richard Vazquez walks down this path to talk about their ambitions and goals. Elections are in 2017, which is not far away. Richard talks about how preparation is a must have in a field like his. He also expresses where he see's himself in 5 years. Watch for the digital version of this interview in the video!
You can also find the entire video on Youtube.
Preston Payne talks about his 5 year stay in Hawaii.
 Payne runs into his old basketball coach! Catch the conversation clip in the exclusive interview video.

Both candidate Richard Vazquez (top) and Preston Payne (bottom) is endeavoring to bring about awareness on different issues in the community that they live in. Lioness quoted "their passionate drives and ambitions can only lead them to a place they want to go. If they want to bring change, then change will come. "
Don't forget to VOTE for these candidates and support their movements to adjust the commonalities of issues seen in the city.   

Preston challenging Lioness to a game of basketball. She gladly accepts this challenge. Stay TUNED for hopefully a basketball game on film with the politician candidate and the infamous Lioness TeLaine!!!

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