Lioness EXCLUSIVE INSIDER with Rapper & Song Writer Crystal Baby! Only on! / by Lioness TeLaine

Crystal Baby putting in work in her own studio.
Crystal always explained to Lioness that she loves to be in the studio and it is definitely a way to forget about her worries. TeLaine often sits in Crystal's sessions because she too likes to watch the process of music unfold. She told the camera that she enjoys watching her home-girl do what she loves to do. She also mentioned she loves to watch anyone immersed in their passions and it gives her peace to be around.
 Crystal's team and close friends turn up in the VIP section at Club Mantus 9/13 to celebrate her NEW dope Single Release "Party Time" Ft. Fat Pimp.
GET CRUNK and visit CLUB MANTUS on a Thursday night.
Take your CREW and enjoy a night located downtown Dallas.
All Star Magazine was in the building to captivate the DOPE moments of the night! Shout out to ALL STAR MAGAZINE for showing love as well.
Crystal PO's UP! Bottles of Hennessey and hookah rounds were ordered ALL night for Crystals VIP section. She told cameras that only "bosses" turn up the way she and her team did that night. She said she felt she deserved to be where she was yet truly blessed to experience life in that capacity.
 DJ FROSTY turns out to be the ladies man of the night, yet a gentleman. The ladies told cameras that they feel he definitely loves what he does and ALL the ladies show him LOVE! Catch Dj Frosty in a club near YOU!
Crystal cooling in the DJ booth.
 Dj Frosty finally caught up with close friend and videographer Lioness herself. She usually likes to be low key and behind-the-scenes, but the team made it their mission to drag her in front of the cameras before the epic night came to an end.
Crystal and her close friends continue the EPIC TURN UP on the rooftop downtown Dallas. Exclusive invite only by Interscope Records!
The ladies bring in Crystal's Single Release party with a BANG!!!!BIG MOVES were made and memories to be kept." PARTY TIME, PARTY TIME! 
 She raps up her session with Lioness TeLaine at her dope studio. She puts a lot of time and creativity in the walls of her studio and only real sounds leak out the crevices of them.  
Real LIVE STUDIO- ISH. Crystal's team works very diligently to mix her music to perfection.
Her engineer working his magic to make her vision come to life on the track.
Team work always make the dream work.
Lioness and best friend Crystal brings in their session with a FOOT load of dope footage and things to further embark on. Lioness explains to the cameras that she enjoyed interviewing Crystal and that she can not wait to see her execute her goals!
You can also catch the session on youtube!