Exclusive Studio INTERVIEW with Jay Oliver!!! Find out what he's bringing to YOU NEXT!! / by Lioness TeLaine

Jay Oliver posted in his luxurious studio going over business before his and Lioness session starts.
Lioness said "Jay seemed very genuine and down to earth. He seemed to be very focused."

 Set up of Jay's studio front lobby. The studio was decked out with unique art pieces from all over.
Videographer Matt talks to them about the next plans and the upcoming tour! The first tour stop is LA! Look out for his tour dates coming to you!

Jay explains to TeLaine his next moves in the industry and what the public should expect of him next. Lioness said that "he sounded so passionate about what he does and so original".

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 Jay tells Lioness how he makes his ideas manifest and the steps he takes to make everything he works toward prosper. TeLaine also explained to Jay, that aiming toward the top is always a place to aim for and always something you want to experience.

Chopping it up, taking care of business in the studio. Jay tells Lioness that he thinks its a really creative & dope place to record his music. Lioness also explains how she loves the art work that was placed in the studio. She says "it gave her a real vibe and the vibrancy gave her new ideas".
 Visit the official Jay Oliver's website.

 Jay explains to the world what his ultimate goal in life is. Lioness says that "Every artist, every person has an ultimate goal".

Where the tracks get laid and slayed. Jay records in a all blacked out recording studio.

 Where Jay lets his creative juices flow.

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 Jay Oliver tells Lioness Telaine what his perfect vacation would be and what he likes to do on his downtime.
 Jay explains to Lioness what the world may not already know about him and his hidden talents and gifts. Lioness says that "I can relate to him in various ways because I was blessed with hidden talents as well".

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 Jay raps up his interview session with Lioness as he explains to her his biggest influences thus far on his current and past projects. He also explains what to expect next and where his first stop will be for his TOUR!Follow Jay Oliver on social media. J.OLIVER (@IAMJAYOLIVER) | Twitter

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