Author LITERARY STUD turns book "Maxi's Place" into popular web series! CHECK OUT THE MOVES BEING MADE! / by Lioness TeLaine

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Literary Stud walking through traffic to meet Lioness for their exclusive interview down in the arts area of Dallas.
They meet in Deep Ellem at one of Lioness TeLaine's favorite spots "Free Man Café." Free man café is a low key joint downtown. Lioness explains it as a place to catch all kinds of live bands perform different generes of music and enjoy some good ole' food.
 Check out what they might have to offer you! Catch a band on a smooth night and enjoy a drink.

Classics are up for order. A shot of Hennessey and a tall class of vodka and lemonade! Two band members sit and talk while the music plays in the background. Literary Stud said "I'm really digging this place and it definitely is one of my newest hang out spots".

  Literary Stud catches some live action outside the lounge
She tells Lioness TeLaine about how the popular book got started and how she developed it into a successful project.
If you have not gotten your copy yet, click on the link above to check out the synopsis of "MAXI's PLACE" and some of the other books Literary Stud has written.

She explains to Lioness the steps she took to make the book manifest and all the people who influenced her during the development.

 Literary Stud dapping it up with a friend, rapping up a smooth hang out session.
She told Lioness she always appreciates the support people in every type of community give to her. They both value diversity in their crafts and is open to change.

The author explains to Lioness TeLaine what success means to her. Lioness told her after the camera stopped rolling that she agrees with her "success" and it's dope to come across people who share the same mindset.

Literary Stud explains to Lioness TeLaine how long the project took to manifest and what really took place to make it come to life.

 Lioness and the author on set! Lioness later quoted "I had a refreshing time with Literary Stud downtown filming and every night should be filled with some kind of laugh and music that makes you feel good."
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