Lioness TeLaine turns up for her 3 day BIRTHDAY EXTRAVAGANZA!! Find out what went down!! / by Lioness TeLaine

Lioness TeLaine celebrated a 3 day extravaganza for what she calls her "Jordan Year". She turned 23 on Friday, August 21st. 

First stop of the morning was straight to the electronics department to cop a dope birthday gift. TeLaine decided to name the camera "LT" short for Lioness TeLaine. Buy yours now at
NEXT, she headed to one of her favorite restaurants down in the dirty D. New Orleans style restaurant "Razzoo's" brings a down to earth feel and good cooking every time. Check out the nearest location to you!
Lioness orders the same CLASSIC "Cajun Combo Skillet" every time she visits the scene.


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NEXT STOP.... "Late Nights at the Dallas Museum of Art". Lioness explained that this was a time for family and friends to be able to come together for a unique and dope experience. Lioness said she wanted to incorporate "creativity" into her birthday extravaganza.
Friday, August 21st.



 Lioness explained that pictures (left) and (below) were her favorites to view that night at the museum.

Asian Oriental Room.
 Lioness Telaine is all gassed about to head to her EXCLUSIVE ALL WHITE BOAT PARTY. She appreciates and gave a shout out to "American Watercraft Rentals" for hooking her up with the best driver and Pantoon Boat.
Saturday, August 22.

Lioness TeLaine and her best friend Crystal Armstrong chilling on back of the boat.  
 ALL WHITE EVERYTHING. Lioness and her best friend Crystal talks business amongst each other. LOOK OUT FOR WHAT THEY HAVE IN THE MIX!
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 Lioness cruising on the back of the boat, enjoying life's sun rays and scenery.    

Johnothan was the designated driver and the one to keep the party LIVE! Lioness said that "he was truly a blessing and really enjoyed her time on the water with him". "I learned a lot from him and I love being around and meeting genuine people".

TeLaine shows off her newly bought watch with the country Africa placed inside of it. She says "she is closely connected to her roots and wanted to incorporate some of her outfit with it.  
Birthday girl gives everyone a "shout out" for everyone coming out and celebrating with her.

 THE WHOLE CREW LIVE in their ALL WHITE! Check them out!

TeLaine's family and friends.

 TeLaine says that "there is no limit to a goddess".

Her friends and the driver partying while getting wet! "Good times and definitely memorable ones", she says.                                                                                  
Friends and Family hop in the lake to catch a cool splash. Lioness TeLaine says "she was not about that life and wanted to stay "godly" in her all white.
DAY 3!!!...WAIT FOR IT....
For day 3, Lioness TeLaine is amped to go to the "J COLE, JERMIAH, YG and the BIG SEAN concert! Live at the Gexa Energy Pavillion located in Dallas.
Sunday, August, 23rd

  Lioness Telaine flicks pics with the crew in the VIP section. 

Get a load of all of this equipment it takes for a concert to sound so well!

Lioness TeLaine poses for the camera as she is posted right behind the engineering tables.

"J Cole" performing live on stage.

"J Cole" spits real to the audience as he tells them how he started in the industry and how he reached his goals.

All the beautiful ladies who showed love at the concert, (from left to right) Chynell, Mook, Paula & Crystal.

Mook and Lioness TeLaine
Chynell buys Lioness a drink for her birthday. She says "good friends are hard to come by" 

Lioness TeLaine and "J Coles" step-mother is posing for the flash! Lioness says that she "felt she was a very down to earth person and seem to be really enjoying the show"

Lioness ends the night off with a huge SMILE, an epic night and weekend and a truly valuable extravaganza! Lioness TeLaine wants to thank everyone who participated, supported or showed love for the entire WEEKEND!!! I wonder what next year will be like. STAY TUNED FOLKS!

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