Award winning film "Singleton Boulevard" shoots its way to The Outlet Radio! by Lioness TeLaine

2 talented affiliates from the Award winning film Singleton Boulevard directed by Gary Don Martin dropped through the studio to show love and promote the film! Famous music compers Gary Boren who credits theme songs from hit shows like Family Matters and Hangin With Mr. Cooper spoke along side national singer Latoya Cooper who also showed love to show! They both shared with the international audience what drew them to the film and the challenges to fulfill thir roles on the project! 

Gary Boren and Latoya Cooper shared their experience with working with one another on the music scores and some of the milestones they had to overcome to complete the film. They also spoke about what keeps them motivated in their day to day lives as well as in their thriving careers! Latoya also told the show how she got stared in music and why she has a passion for writing it. Be sure to look out for Latoya's upcoming release and performances January 26, 2018 in New York. 

Also be sure to like her on Facebook at. Latoya Cooper "The Songstress"  and follow her on her Instagram at Latoya_Cooper_The _Songstress

Visit Gary Boren on CD Baby to listen and download your tracks! 

Gary Don Martin: Gary Don Martin has 30 plus years honing his craft as an author, playwright and screenwriter. He served honorable in the United States Army completing a full tour of duty in South Viet Nam. Gary’s first novel The Crayon Soldier was based on his war experiences. Gary had a successful career in the energy business eventually retiring; or so he thought, Gary began acting. Some of his stage credits include Twelve Angry Men, The Man With The Plastic Sandwich, Mame, Finishing Touches, The Guys and Driving Miss Daisy. Gary wrote Singleton Boulevard as a novel twenty five years ago. Three years ago he wrote it as a one act play. Realizing the stories potential Gary wrote it as a screenplay. Gary’s determination to see the story be made into a movie is based on his experiences growing up in and around Dallas. Gary has been personally touched by elements of the story. When he was 12 years old he lived one block from the person accused of murdering President Kennedy. He also mowed his lawn. His production company, LOUNEAL, is named after his mother and father. Gary and his wife live in East Texas. Gary is also a member of the Dramatists Guild of America.


Synopsis: It was the summer of 1963 West Dallas, Texas, three months before President John Kennedy is murdered, and it was hot; damn
hot. Singleton Boulevard is the main thoroughfare through West Dallas. It’s a black asphalt road littered with potholes and filled
with dirty brown water. These pot holes were booby-traps to motorists who prowled the boulevard looking for whatever action they
could find. Singleton Boulevard ripped like a jagged edged knife at the heart of the people who lived its despair, but to the
well-bred denizens of Dallas they would just as soon hide Singleton Boulevard and the people of West Dallas from view of the
outside world. The story takes place in Slack Morgan's Bar. Scattered inside the bar are a few mismatched tables and an old
jukebox. The records on the jukebox were either a blues or gospel song and that was okay with Slack. Hanging on the wall was
a pair of old boxing gloves and other boxing memorabilia. Reminder's of Slack's prize fighting days. Behind the bar was a sign:
'NO CREDIT'. There was no sign out front to distinguish Slack Morgan's from any of the other dilapidated buildings, but it was a
well-known oasis and sanctuary to those who regularly haunted its cold bar stools and hot domino tables. Singleton Boulevard is
a slice of life story. The audience is introduced to a watermelon peddler and bootlegger named Red. Red cooks homemade
whiskey from a family recipe. He calls his homemade brew 'Cat Whiskey' because after one sip, 'you'll sit up and purr like a cat'.
Brother Goforth who recently was fired from his church enters Slack Morgan’s. He always wondered what the inside looked like.
The owner of the bar, Slack Morgan, is a black man in his early sixties. He has one employee, Verda Mae, but everyone calls her
Too Sweet, because she struts around the bar, holding her plump hips, and loudly boasts to the delight of the patrons, "Baby I'm
just Too Sweet." Singleton Boulevard's journey continues to Dealey Plaza and witnessing the death of a beloved president to theday when President Johnson signs the Voting Rights Act.


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"The Flo above all flows speaks on The Outlet Radio! Floacist brings light all the way from the UK about her new single "Good Life" by Lioness TeLaine

Infamous Floacist from classic R&B group Floetry speaks genuinely on The Outlet Radio and gives the audience a genuine spin while on air! She tells Lioness, LP and her fans how life has been with 4 solo albums and a brand new single launching feels like! She tells the show of her diverse upbringing and how she connected with words at an early age. That connection grew and Flo mentioned she began to perform frequently. She also told the show that she speaks a language for all of humanity! How genuine is that? 


Lioness and L.P also discusses with Floacist her newest projects that are launching and ones to look forward to! Lioness also asks Flo about her newly released single "Good Life" released August 15th, 2017 from her 4th solo album "True" to be released late October as stated on the show.  "Good Life" is also now available on all streaming sites! Lioness also asked her about any recent performances and what was the highlight of her first launch party "Going with the FLO Good Life" launched in London.  Flo happened to mention that she was just grateful for the experience and the opportunity to launch something of hers in her hometown. She stated that her family and her close friends were able to attend and she walked around and "vibed" with everyone at the party. Flo said that the experience was organic and that she did not have a phone on her to capture any flicks.  Not needed with such an organic experience huh? 

Listen to "Good Life" on itunes

Listen to "Good Life" on youtube

Make sure to listen to the airing of the live interview for things you did not know and exclusives never mentioned before!  

Be sure to follow Floacist on all of her social medias to keep updated with all of her upcoming interviews, speaking engagements, performances and music releases. 

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90's party in the studio! The Outlet Radio interviews actor Dominic Santana! by Lioness TeLaine

The Outlet Radio takes it back to the 90's on their exclusive interview with actor Dominic Santana! Dominic who plays the infamous Suge Knight in the hit movie "All Eyez on Me", spoke with Lioness and co-host LP about all of the behind the scenes work that went into the film. He shares with the audience how he had to prepare to become the character of Suge as well as learning more about his true personality. Although he did not get a chance to meet Suge himself, Dominic mentioned that he felt the film did his character justice. He also told the show that he was a recording artist and that he too has a passion for music. Check out the "All Eyez on Me" soundtrack on Itunes. 

Watch the official trailer of the movie "All Eyez On Me" on me now! 

Trailer: Lionsgate Movies

Facebook: All Eyez On Me

Instagram: All Eyez On Me

Twitter: All Eyez On Me:


Dominic speaks to Lioness and LP about his many goals in the film industry and what he plans to do with his career after the movie. He also told the audience he realizes that not all roles are for him and sometimes that could play in his favor. Lioness also asked about the wardrobe and designers that had the cast on point for shooting. She mentioned that they captured the essence of the 90's and made the past come to life again. Dominic stated that he learned the brotherly love legendary Tupac had with Suge and that the chemistry was similar on set with actor Demetrius Shipp. 

Be sure to follow Dominic Santana on all of his social medias to keep updated with all of the upcoming interviews, speaking engagements, special appearances and more! 

Facebook:  Dominic L. Santana  Twitter: @DominicSantana  Instagram: @OfficialDomSantana

Also be sure to follow the Host and Founder of The Outlet Radio and Brand Lioness TeLaine and co-host L.P on their social medias as well to keep updated with current media releases, celebrity guest appearances, community outreach and MORE! Facebook: Lioness TeLaine Twitter: Lioness TeLaine Instagram: Lioness TeLaine  Instagram: @l.probinson1


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The Outlet Radio interviews legendary Michel'le about her award winning film "Surviving Compton", upcoming events and MORE! by Lioness TeLaine

Lioness TeLaine talks to legendary Michel'le about life in the music industry, her recent events and giving back to women and men to help further build their confidence and courage with-in themselves. Michel'le also discusses with Lioness and co-host L.P the process of casting for her Lifetime award winning movie "Surviving Compton, Dre, Suge & Michel'le" and the development of finding lead actress Ryan Nicole Brown who phenomenally played Michel'le in the biopic. They also discussed on the show her earlier music influences that encouraged her to trail-blaze into the creative and genuinely authentic artist she now is.

Lioness also discusses with Michel'le her community outreach engagements as it regards to uplifting women and men and sharing positive energy while being open to sharing their own personal stories and experiences. She tells the show that she is touring with "Survivors with Voices" to launch the "Unlock Your Voice Tour" at the Embassy Suites in Columbus, Ohio, May 19-20th. The tour is focused on changing lives and encouraging people to embrace who they have become.  If you're in the Ohio area, be sure to support this affair and share its universal message. 

Be sure to follow Michel'le on all of her social medias to keep updated with all of the upcoming interviews, speaking engagements, concerts and more! Facebook: Michel'le Twitter: Michellemuzic Instagram: Michellemuzic Soundcloud: EyesonMichelle Spotify: Michel'le Itunes: Michel'le

Also be sure to follow the Host and Founder of The Outlet Radio and Brand Lioness TeLaine on her social medias as well to keep updated with current media releases, celebrity guest appearances, community outreach and MORE! Facebook: Lioness TeLaine Twitter: Lioness TeLaine Instagram: Lioness TeLaine

"Surviving Compton" photo: Yaa Somuah

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THE 28th ANNUAL GLAAD Media Awards STRIKES HONOR and appreciation once again! by Lioness TeLaine

The 28th annual GLAAD Media Awards strikes honor and appreciation once again on Saturday, May 6th at the New York Hilton Midtown with their recognition and awarding acknowledgement to individuals in media who has represented and made a significant contrast in LGBT acceptance. 

Winners like Whoopi Goldberg, Debra Messing, Billy Porter and the cast members from Oxygen reality show "Strut" in category's such as "Excellence in Media award", (awarded recipient Debra Messing) Vito Russo Award and "Outstanding Reality Program".  Rossie O Donnell also shocked the audience with a special guest appearance, devoted a generous donation of $100,000K to support in contest of recent anti- LGBT law and also presented Billy Porter the Vito Russo Award on stage. 

In acceptance of her "Excellence in Media award", Debra Messing also spoke about how "it is time to get to work" while expressing the significance GLAAD Media has played in her own life as an actress and activist. Watch now the clip of her speech from the 28th GLAAD Media Awards. 

Publlished by GLAAD Youtube

To find out about more winners and awarded recipients in all 32 media category's, visit

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Lioness brings the FALL in with high expectations! Stay tuned for all of the projects that she has coming!!! by Lioness TeLaine

Lioness explains the fall semester the "creative business woman" semester as she has a lot of business projects cooking up for 2017! The Queen is making major moves in the industry and plan to share them soon with the public. 
Lioness explains that she only has 7 slots left for her radio show this year! IF GUESTS do not book before the end of the year, available openings will resume in 2017! Book your interview with Lioness now! For more information, email her at 
Lioness also stops in to get some new ink. This will not be the Queen's last tattoo any time soon! She loves the creative process of each tattoo and each piece means something different to her. Shout out to Michael who completed one. For more info on, visit his Instagram at  
Lioness TeLaine also got a chance to visit her future building for business. She is strategically acting upon something that has been placed in her heart for years. Stay tuned for what Lioness will turn this beautiful building into.  
 In this journey that is called life, Lioness lost one of her closest friends both personally and professionally and was hit by the unexpected tragedy. Least to say Lioness was hurt, strongly affected but none the less stayed strong and secure knowing that her friend moved on in piece. Lioness quotes on her Facebook post: "Sometimes we must understand all depths of life. One day someone might be put in your life for a reason. You are to appreciate and value their calling in your life because one day it might not be there. Transcend in peace my friend. You were already loved and you will forever be missed." Lioness promises to continue his legacy and remain loyal to the cause. She will always be Never Satisfied because of him. Transcend in peace Ian Brown. 
Always Never Satisfied living. 
Next, Lioness has Dallas artist "Mr H iz Blakk Newz" on her radio show. They both talk about the obstacles that local artists face in the industry and what we can do as a community to continue to ensure Dallas is heard. They also discuss his new single "That's a Bet" and what inspired the track. TeLaine also discuss with Blakk Newz more of his upcoming projects to look out for. To check out his music or follow him on social media, go to or 
Make sure to download your copy of Power 214 Magazine from the Power 214 Radio App. Read up on Lioness TeLaine and find out where it all got started. 

Lioness TeLaine brings 2016 SUMMER to a END the RIGHT WAY! Dallas Style! by Lioness TeLaine

Lioness TeLaine turns up the summer with the hottest events, best upcoming guests appearances and the most creative ways to bring an audience together!
Some of Lioness TeLaine's clothing for her radio show is sponsored by Never Satisfied, one of the most known and respected clothing lines in the state of Texas and its region. She stopped through the "Back To School" event that they sponsored in Oak Cliff at Villa Clothing to help contribute to the cause and support with the rest of her Never Satisfied Family.
Kids were offered a Dj for the event, free drinks, food, raffle prizes and giveaways! 
Stop down at Villa Clothing for all your back to school shopping or your shopping in general! Lioness quoted to her media crew "They actually have clothes I would wear and these are articles you can't find everywhere! Lioness copped a few items for her upcoming birthday bash. She expressed she was totally pleased and would defiantly recommend the store to anyone with similar tastes.  Stop by Villa's Clothing at 10325 Lake June Rd. Dallas, TX. Visit their website at
Lioness poses by the founder and owner of Never Satisfied himself Radio Raheem. He tells her how he is proud of her and he is watching her  career moves! Visit their website at Use Lioness TeLaine's discount code. $30+, use NSLT and get 15% off your purchase. 
Here is a REPOST from Never Satisfied Instagram page the day of the back to school event. The team quotes "Come check us out right now we the @villa_thegroveFAMILY sending the kids back to school fresh..."
Next Lioness TeLaine brings on one of the top magicians in the world Scottish entertainer Sean Borland to her show.
Sean speaks with Lioness and her panel about his transition in the states from overseas and how he used to perform on the streets of Vegas. He is now the resident entertainer and magician for THE TOP hotel in the world Nihiwatu. Sean also spoke about his personal obstacles that were endured during his 4 year hustle to the top with in the industry.  Lioness TeLaine, her other hosts on the panel as well as her audience took a great deal of informative and valuable information, tips and advices from Sean. Lioness quotes " I was so blessed to speak with him, he had so much knowledge to offer". Lioness was also impressed with the feedback she got from her audience after the interview segment took place. Fans messaged Lioness personally and told her that they loved listening to Sean and he had a ton to offer that night. 
For more information on Sean Borland or to book him at at your next professional event,please visit his website at
On August 18th after her radio show took place,  Lioness turns up for the first part of her birthday at TRUTH Night Club. She had a VIP section on the stage of the club, free admission, unlimited guest list and a FREE champaign bottle. Lioness and her section turned the entire club out and danced all night long. 
Lioness speaks with the manager of the club as her and her guest are seated.  Lioness had her own camera crew follow her around to capture every moment possible. 
 TeLaine's extended family came through the building to show love and help turn up the club with everyone else. She quotes "I was surprised that they showed up, however they were definitely at home and we had a ball." 
She told the manager that the staff from the club were very helpful and pleasant people to be served by. Queen Lioness quoted "I really had no complaints that night. The Dj was definitely on point, the vibe was smooth, grown and sexy and it was definitely a great start to kick off the birthday". 
Lioness and her event coordinator Andwanita were caught kicking drinks back and having a good time with each other the entire night. TeLaine said she was glad her coordinator could make the event, the birthday bash that Saturday and the radio show that night. She quotes "Everything was perfect. I am so blessed. I was blessed by her presence and her efforts. She flew into town to be here and for that I am grateful." For your next event, affair or party, CONTACT  
 Next, Lioness hosts her very own 24 LiVE birthday bash at a venue in Arlington, TX. This was an exclusive private invite only party that TeLaine wanted to have to celebrate her efforts of none stop grind and hustle. The venue had graffiti all over the walls, one of the hottest Dj's in the state on the 1's and 2's and a personal bar tender. Tickets were sold and food served all night. 
Lioness also managed to party with tons of the Dallas Elite Women's professional football team members. She quotes "They showed up as the team that they are and truly supported the cause of my birthday. The team like all other guests got their very own personal shot glass with Lioness TeLaine's official logo on it.  This was Lioness' way of saying thank you to all that showed up and supported. Lioness said she didn't know what to expect but she is glad that the turn out was more than she expected. She was blessed and joyful beyond measures and was pleased that everything worked in her favor! We wonder what she will do next year! STAY TUNED! 
Lioness and one of her strongest supporters pose side by side as the night barley begins for the birthday girl. Big ups to both photographers Sammie Johnson and Cornelius Johnson who captured the entire night for the Queen. 
Queen Lioness TeLaine and the event coordinator color coordinate with each other as they work together to keep the event smooth and entertaining. Again for your next event or professional affair, CONTACT now!
Lioness even brought the paint and doodle session to her own party. Her guests were able to sit down, enjoy the Dj, sip wine and paint a canvas all while enjoying the countless entertainment the occasion provided. 

Lioness TeLaine brings more exciting culture, exposure and awareness to her show than EVER! by Lioness TeLaine

Lioness TeLaine brings more diverse culture to her show to help bring more awareness to causes she is most passionate about. She kick starts this with Vice President of Specialized Orthopedic Solutions also known as "SOS" Elizabeth Bress. She speaks with Elizabeth on how she got started in the medical industry and her grind all the way to the top. 
Elizabeth also discussed with Lioness how she overcame getting her leg amputated at the age 11 and how she got her career started in the States after moving from another country. Elizabeth was determined to not let one obstacle stop her from manifesting anything she wanted in life. Lioness told writers that she fell in love with the hustle Elizabeth had from a young age. She quotes "Elizabeth is definitely something grand. She is masterpiece that everyone should appreciate because she's worked for her appreciation".
Next the panel discuss the structure and benefits of SOS. Lioness inquired about their facility located in Southern California and what services they had to offer. Elizabeth explained that they have several services that cater to amputees, their medical technology has improved since launching and everything is custom made for their clients.  Pre and Post Consultation, Financial counseling, planning and Insurance Information, Patient and Interdisciplinary follow up, Onsite Maintenance and repairs and express labs just to name a few are all offered at Special Orthopedics Solutions. For more information, please visit their website at
NEXT, young famous and talented violinist Joy Black spoke to Lioness all the way from ATLANTA. 
Joy talks to Lioness and her co-host Duchess about what music did and currently does for her as a person.  Lioness also found out that she has done a commercial for the show "America's Got Talent" that they often use. She also tells the audience how she got over 30k followers on social media.  Lioness quotes "I can not wait to see her in a few years. She is great already at what she does, just give her time". Joy Black is only 17 years old and is on to a great start! Stay tuned for more music she has. Also check out her SoundCloud at  
Next Lioness sets out to find a new set photographer for her radio show. She puts a post on social media and one hour later had a new professional photographer. Lioness introduces Eric Lax as a new member to the team. She was glad that he reached out as they have worked with each other in the past on professional photoshoots. Some of the photos taken by Eric Lax were later featured in Lioness TeLaine's first magazine feature.  
Don't forget to STAY TUNED for  "Quintessential" the movie in which Lioness TeLaine stars in. Coming to theaters everywhere in 2017! 
Lioness has been traveling to film the movie as well! This scene (left of screen) was shot in Tyler, TX. There are a few scenes that will be shot in the UK as well.  Check out another clip from the movie! 
Lioness quotes "This movie has been the offset of my life. I literally can not wait until it drops. I know this project will motivate people.  That's the whole purpose. To motivate".
Lioness and a cast of 32 has dedicated themselves to a project that will literally change the independent film industry. Once the film drops, we will know that history has been made.  
 Don't forget to catch the beautiful host and her co-host on her radio show THE OUTLET. Every Thursday, 7-9pm. CDT. Simply go to from any device and join them live from anywhere in the world to hear topics and guest appearances you don't want to miss. 
 Lioness brings Australia back to the show with her next guest appearance entertainment host Xavier Brinkman from MTV Australia.  They talk with each other about the ropes of interviewing and how he transitioned from Australia to Los Angeles.  They also spoke about the opportunity he obtained with MTV and how he became a regular with the media brand. Xavier also told the audience that he played in a band Elovay as the guitarist and vocalist. 
Lioness loved the energy that he brought to the show and respects his hustle that got him to the position he is in currently. She quotes "This is hustle executed at it's finest". She can not wait to see what the band has up next. Stay tuned for the band "Elovay" and their next performance. 
Next, Lioness brings another new member to her radio show twice a month. She brings holistic health expert Jaquatta Klein to her show to bring health awareness to the community. 
Lioness collaborates with RESET by JEM a holistic health service that redefines "home health." Its goal is to help  a individual achieve a better quality life through their individually tailored programs. The ladies collaborate on a cause that they know will help transform lives one by one. Jaquatta discusses with Lioness some of the details of the brand and what services they have to offer.  They also discuss a question that someone left on the panel for Jaquatta to answer live on air! Lioness quotes "This is definitely the start to something great. I believe in what she is doing. I am glad she reached out". Jaquatta will now be on THE OUTLET as a regular twice a month to discuss health topics and questions at hand inquired directly from the community. For more information on Jaquatta, ask her a question or suggest a topic to discuss, visit her website at You can also follow her on social media at Feel free to also comment below your questions or topics and listen to your answers live on air! 
Catch Lioness TeLaine in action from anywhere in the world every Thursday, 7-9pm CDT.  Only on 

Lioness TeLaine brings more global and international guest on to her show! by Lioness TeLaine

Lioness has brought the world to her radio show all the way down in Dallas, Texas. She has interviewed celebrity guests and public figures from Germany, Canada, Africa to name a few and has listeners from countries all over!
Lioness continues to do what she does best as she brought celebrity commercial and editorial photographer Brooke Mason from Australia to her show. 
Brooke tells Lioness about her background in modeling and how she actually started her interest in those days of her career. She also gives Lioness and co host Duchess the real of what really happens behind the scenes of celebrity photo shoots. 
To view Brooke Mason's published work, visit her website at Lioness told her crew that she felt they had a kindred spirits and thoroughly enjoyed conversing with her on air!
Next, Lioness brings the music scene to her radio show when she brings American Idol Season 4 finalist Sarah Lakes. 
Sarah told TeLaine that she loves music for music and that if you don't have a passion for it, you are doing it for the wrong reasons. Sarah also spoke with TeLaine and Duchess on how it was being on American Idol and the obstacles she had to overcome and endure.
For more information on Sarah Lakes and what she is currently up to, visit her website at
Also, for graphic designs, email for more info!
For hosting, webdesign or custom wooden board design, email
Next Lioness goes to her roots from childhood; sports.. 
 Lioness talks with Dallas Elite's Owner and Head Coach of the #1 team in the Women's Football League, Odessa Jenkins. She also spoke to Lioness with 2 other players from the team, Angellica Grayson and Kelanna Spiller. The two players discussed how they only lost 1 game in the last 2 years. Both players and coach also discuss with the audience how they keep a strong team and how they stay undefeated during the season!
Angellica Grayson #52, tells the panel how she balances her work life and professional football as well. She also discusses with everyone how they are traveling to Pittsburgh July 26th, 2016 to play the DC Divas. Dallas Elite are the 2(x) American Conference Champions. Stay tune to see if they bring back home the WIN from Pittsburgh! Go DALLAS ELITE GO! 
The team also tells the audience the details of their practices and how other athletes can try out for upcoming seasons. Try outs starts in September or October. For more information or the season schedule of the Dallas Elite Women's Football Team, go to their website at
Dallas Elite and Lioness TeLaine will always support other women in their community as much as they can. Stay tuned for what else they might have in store together. 
                                   Also STAY TUNED for Lioness' exclusive INVITE only birthday bash 24LIVE! It will be going down in Dallas! She is having Power 214 Radio air the event live, a special host, Dj Mobaby on the 1's and 2's, a paint and wine session, photography, videography, bar and food all night! This is an event you don't want to miss! Stick around for the live footage and pictures.
                             Make sure to tune in THE OUTLET every Thursday, 7-9pm on Power 214 Radio. Simply go to from any device and hear Lioness TeLaine from anywhere in the world.

Lioness TeLaine teams up with NBA player on behalf of the youth! by Lioness TeLaine

Lioness TeLaine teams up with NBA player on behalf of the youth in her community! Find out more!

Lioness TeLaine joins NBA champion Terrel Harris with the community and their families for a positive and youth recreational cause.
She invites the 2012 champion on her radio show to talk about the issues that occur in their local communities and what they can do to help.
TeLaine and her co host Duchess also discussed with Terell the Juneteenth event that Lioness was planning to attend that up coming weekend. Terell explains to the hosts that he built a recreational center for his youth academy Champions Skills Academy 
Visit Champions Skills Academy's Facebook page!
They also talk about how they will be collaborating in 2017! More details concerning Lioness TeLaine's collaboration with Terell will be released closer to the date! Stay tuned for this event!
Lioness TeLaine volunteered her photography at the event and was so blessed to do so. She embraced the community she connected with and networked with healthy and genuine activists. She also ran into Coach T of the little league foot ball team "Bobcat Nation". Lioness quotes " Last summer they had a car wash in my community and I stopped through to support. A year later, I find him at this event. It was such a blessing running into him again in a totally different way."
Lioness also bumps into "the" music legend and icon of Texas, Mr. Pookie from the rap dual Mr. Pookie and Mr. Lucci. She made sure she snapped a selfie with the self made and top selling independent rapper in the state of Texas ever!
Lioness and Mr. Pookie strike a pose for the camera as history is made! Will Lioness invite the legend to her radio show? Stay tuned for what they might have in store! 
TeLaine snaps a picture of Coach T's son. Go Bobcat Nation, GO!
Make sure to follow Terrel Harris on his Instagram.
For professional flyers, email
TeLaine brings entrepreneur of 2015 Annie Akpe to her show. They talk about her appearance in Black enterprise and her activity with business in Africa and the diaspora communities. Lioness TeLaine is looking to network and collaborate in the African regions as well. Stay tuned for what Annie and Lioness might have in store for the up coming seasons of this year.
The Queen then invites Canadian actress Helena-Alexis Seymour to her radio show. Helena -Alexis is a 2 time Best actress winner at the F.A.B.I.O Awards and a Best actress nominee at the Black Canadian Awards.  She speaks with Lioness about her journey to success in her career as well as how to maintain being yourself in the industry. 
 Check out Lioness TeLaines's feature in Power 214 Magazine. Her double spread can be downloaded from the app "Power 214" in your APP or PLAY store. Check out her bio and email for hard copies. 
Don't forget to stay tuned for the movie Quintessential dropping in theaters in 2017 that the Queen herself is starring in.  
Lioness TeLaine became a Supa Unit family member now supporting and affiliated with Webbie and Savage Life Entertainment.  
She also collaborates with her dearest friend and now business partner Faithe Kinsler. Faithe from Ruieelle photography is now the official photographer of The Outlet radio show. The Queen is happy and elated to have Faithe on board and the both of them are ready and confident that they will make a statement through the visuals of the show. 
Next the Queen invites local model and entrepreneur Danica Williams to her radio show to speak about the up coming Summer and Denim fashion show she is bringing to Arlington June 26, 2016 and other things she might play a key role in.  Be sure to check out Danica Williams on social media.
Dying to get your music played on the radio? Don't forget that Lioness TeLaine is airing 1-2 local tracks on her radio show The Outlet. Email for more detail on how to do so now!!!

Lioness TeLaine keeps it coming with more GROUND BREAKING appearances on her radio show THE OUTLET by Lioness TeLaine

Lioness TeLaine brings more GROUND BREAKING guest appearances on her radio show THE OUTLET. Find out who!
Lioness brings L.A artist Young Invent all the way to Dallas! She interviews him about the tour he was preparing to go on and how he started his own champagne line. 
Young Invent was also the headline for RIP the MIC in Dallas and is sponsored by an airlines! After the show, Lioness invited him to Miami for her birthday celebrations and quotes "This guy's energy is real, so genuine and he's funny. I definitely had a ball with him on the show tonight".

 Next Lioness TeLaine brings the official voice of Siri from iphones Susan Bennett on The Outlet. She questions how she got the opportunity with Apple and how concatenation works with voice overs! She also discusses the other brands that she has worked with in the voice over industry. Lioness quotes and asks Susan "Is there any brand that you have not worked with yet?"  Susan told Lioness and the other hosts on the panel that she also plays in a band with her husband and that they reside in Atlanta. Lioness asked Susan at the end of the show to say "Nice to meet you Queen Lioness TeLaine" in her Siri voice! She was very elated to have spoken with Susan that night on live air and quotes "History has definitely been made tonight. I can not wait to talk about this a few years from now" Make sure to pay her website out at
Next Queen Lioness brings an old face back to the scene. Once known as the face of BET, she has John Reed as a guest appearance. He tells her how he got started in broadcasting and interviews, driving 2 hours to a city for a 5 minute interview with a celebrity. He also told the show how he started out as an assistant at a radio station in New York and moved to Miami to peruse his own goals the industry. He now has his own radio show 99 Jamz in Miami and is a host for iheart radio. 
Credits: Trya Banks to Dwayne Wade & Chris Rock.
The Queen is offered a spread in Power 214 Magazine and asked her fans to vote on the best photos to go in the spread! With hundreds of great responses and positive feedback from her audience, both of the pictures were unanimously selected by the magazine to be featured! Lioness quotes "I am so blessed right now. I can't believe both pictures got selected", as she laughs out loud to herself.  Make sure to pick up your issue of Power 214 Magazine when it drops. 
Productions of new movie "Quintessential" that Lioness TeLaine is starring in, treated her to a full spa treatment after shooting on the film set. "I love what I do. The perks are just a plus", she laughs as she told cameras. 
All the way from Germany, The Outlet is shown love. Queen Lioness TeLaine brings CBC Austrian actor Vinzenz Wagner to her show. He tells her how he took a big leap in his career and moved to Germany to start acting. He quotes "I was never an actor at first, but people kept telling me that I was good and that I was good at modeling, so I perused it" The two also discuss the differences and similarities of the film industry in Germany versus Austria. He tells the show, there is a lot of room from growth in Germany and that it is a rich country, abundant in culture and opportunity. 

Lioness invites another special guest co host Kim Ballou to host along with her and Duchess for the Susan Bennett's interview segment. Lioness quotes "I knew she would add the vibe we needed with her sound knowledge and educational yet fun background. Her personality and made her perfect for this segment." Big ups to her for coming out and showing love.
 Think you have what it takes to get your music played on the radio? Lioness TeLaine is airing 1-2 local tracks on her radio show! Email your track to, pay $15.00 and listen to your music LIVE on the radio!
Lioness TeLaine is always up for new things and she crept her way onto a golf field with the pros! She was given exclusive tickets to the PGA GOLF TOURNAMENT! The event was filled with other sporting brands, prizes and give aways and a healthy variety of food. Lioness felt liberated and remained active the entire event interacting with other branding consultants. 
 The Queen quotes "I could definitely do things like this more often. I love different and I actually really enjoyed the sport for what it was., I believe because I got a chance to experience it up front and not on television."
TeLaine felt inspired to get a inked up also, this time getting the motherland AFRICA on her left arm. She tells everyone that she loves tattoos and that they are expressions of the heart. TeLaine laughs and quotes "I actually didn't think I would be tatted at all. Both my mother and father have tattoos but I was never like that as a child. I appreciated a bear body, but I have grown and experience and I just want to tell my story on my skin." 
Next Lioness TeLaine invites indie and Carolina Music Award nominee Ashley Michelle to the show.  She speaks about her goals with in the industry and how she got nominated for an award only 2 years into perusing her career. She also talks about how she is a branding consultant as well, managing other clients and marketing them. 
Lioness TeLaine and her co host Duchess always bring the heat to the show! Duchess delivers her favorite topic of the night "The Tea" as Lioness sits back and laughs at it all. They always bring such energy to every panel and keeps the audience on their toes for the next entertaining topic. 
Lioness works on her radio show consistently making sure everything is perfect for her fans every single show. Make sure you tune in every Thursday with her, 7-9pm CST. Only on
Forbes writer and entrepreneur Rich Winley speaks his knowledge on start ups and why he thinks people don't get started. Co host Kim Ballou also spoke with the writer about how his readings come across as business guides more than anything. Check out what he has to say on the ares of entrepreneurship and business at
Got TALENT? Need exposure?
Email to find out more info on how to book your exclusive interview on The Outlet.
Shop now at to get your exclusive gear now! Use Lioness TeLaine's promo code to get 15% off $30+ 
Lioness TeLaine is constantly making moves in the industry and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. MAKE SURE TO TUNE IN EVERY THURSDAY, 7-9PM. POWER214.COM

Lioness TeLaine strikes another SPONSOR! by Lioness TeLaine

Lioness TeLaine strikes another SPONSOR for her radio show! Stay tuned for who and what she brought to the THE OUTLET on!
Congratulations to Lioness TeLaine for gaining another sponsor for her radio show THE OUTLET. The Queen is proud to announce Never Satisfied LLC to sponsor her clothing for every show! TeLaine will also be helping Never Satisfied with visuals for the women's clothing line! She quotes "I've always wanted to work with the brand in some type of capacity every since I interviewed the face of Never Satisfied, Jay Oliver. I am really excited to be apart of the team and the family now. The line and the brand is just dope period."
Make sure to check out some gear and shop Never Satisfied at  Be sure to stay tune for Lioness TeLaine's promo code also! Shop online and use TeLaine's code to get a discount on your inventory. 
Queen Lioness TeLaine and creative director of Never Satisfied Ian Brown celebrate the new collaboration and many successes to come. Stay tuned for the future projects they have in store!
 Never Satisfied photo shoot coming soon. Don't miss it!
Lioness brings celebrity music video director Matt Alonzo to the show. Matt credits some of the greatest artists in the industry. CREDITS: Tyrese Gibson Chris Brown, Snoop Dog, Lil Wayne, The Game, Hopsin, Johnny Gill, Ray J, Migos,French Montana, Kid Ink, P. Diddy and MORE!!!!
Lioness talks to the director about his beginnings and what happened that took him from rags to fame overnight!  

Check out Matt Alonzo's director reel. PRESS PLAY NOW!
The Queen brings r&b artist Ebon Lurks
Oklahoma native talked with Lioness about what he had to endure in his childhood to get to the position he has worked his way up to. He told her how loyal his fans were and why he nick named them the "lurkers". She also spoke with the young star about he he built his fan base to over 35k followers across his social media platforms. Queen also showed love by playing his new single released the day after the interview "Am I in Love".

Tune in every Thursday, 7-9pm CST to THE OUTLET on Power214 Radio. Simply go to from any device and hear Queen Lioness TeLaine live on the radio. 

Lioness TeLaine officially goes official and is registered in the state of Texas. Congratulations on the boss move! She quotes "I am to elated that this has finally happened for me" I have been working so hard. Texas here I come!"
GOT TALENT? Need exposure? Email for more information on how to get your live interview on THE OUTLET now!
TeLaine stops through to show her family some love with her Never Satisfied gear on. She is very supportive of her family because they are supportive of her and they remain very close to each other. 
TeLaine brings TEXAS BOY one of the hottest producers in the state of TEXAS to her show. He credits 7 Tha Great, Fat Pimp, Pluto Party Boys & More! Hit Texas Boy for business or beats now! Visit his website at to check out more. 
Lioness also brings in Texas Boy's partner in crime Will T Cee to the show as well. Wills credits are Pleasure P, Fat Trel, B Hamp & More!! 
Find out the tips he gave to the audience to collaborate with reputable artists in the industry. Check out "I need dat" on his Soundcloud also at
Queen Lioness brings out the red carpet on her show bringing celebrity entertainment reporter and journalist Kiki Ayers to the show! 
Kiki gets down with Lioness and tells her the rough path she began to make her dreams come true. She tells her testimony of putting herself through school at Howard and making it to the red carpet with stars. 
Catch some of her celebrity interviews on YouTube at and on her personal website
The Queen collaborates with the infamous Dj Mobaby again. These two kick off the radio show with custom mixes dedicated to the show and Prince who passed a week prior to the show's airing. Lioness quotes "I love collaborating with women and uplifting each other and our craft. That's how we build strong relationships and business partnerships. I love and support what she is doing."
 Lioness and her co host Duchess (to the right) poses for flicks with her guest appearances after the show. The show was a success. Texas boy (in the back) quotes "Thank you for the dope interview. Shout out to one of the best host in the country." TeLaine later told the cameras she was blessed by both Texas Boy and Will T Cee's presence at the station. She said "Overall it was just a dope interview."
Lioness brings Az Marie from empire to her show. She talks with the Milwaukee native about her different passions and the other things in the industry that she is involved in. Lioness tells the star that she is also from Milwaukee and can relate to some of the obsticles she had to endure to get to where she is today. Lioness quotes "Sometimes, you must sacrifice, period!". The Queen looks forward to what Az Marie may bring to any industry she works in the near future. 
Tune into THE OUTLET every Thursday, 7-9pm CST. Only on
Lioness brings known and respected artist Young Invent all the way from Cali to her radio show. He talks about headlining for Rip The Mic in Dallas and the tour he is currently traveling on. He also discusses with TeLaine his April 27th mix tape and what to expect from him in the near future. Check out his singles with Rick Ross and Ceelo Green on his website at
Make sure to follow Lioness on all of her social media. Stay tuned for the other collaborations she has this summer! She will be traveling to different states and overseas to work and collaborate with different people in the industry. Find out who, STAY TUNED!

CYPHER THURSDAY went down! Shout out to all of the past participants, Aquarius (to the right), Que P (below), and James Pollard(far left to the back). Lioness and Duchess held it down supporting all of the artist behind the scenes. Duchess quotes " I enjoyed all of them, I hope they stay focused on what they really want." 
Watch for what TeLaine has coming next. 
 She says she will conquer the world. Only time will tell...

Lioness TeLaine brings in more EXCLUSIVE guests from across the globe! Professional actors, rappers, branding consultants & more! by Lioness TeLaine

Lioness TeLaine brings in more EXCLUSIVE guests from across the globe! Professional actors, rappers, branding consultants & more!

Lioness TeLaine brings CBS Actor Tunde Laleye from popular Tv series "Zoo" live on air to speak about all the productions he has his face in.
Tunde tells Lioness and her co-host Duchess about his upbringing in Africa and what he had to endure to make it as a successful professional actor in the states.
He also lets her in on some of the other productions the public could expect to see him in next.  Check out his trailer on Zoo and watch for the new season! Keep up with him on social media as well!
He also explains to Lioness what industry he began his career in and how he transitioned to roles behind the big screen! Stay tuned for this episode. Coming soon!
Next Lioness TeLaine and co-host Duchess talks to legendary Texas native Chalie Boy. 
 Lioness mentioned on air to the rapper that when the public found out that she was doing an interview with him, she received major traffic, with Facebook messages, text messages, emails, comments and shares on social media posts than ever before. 
TeLaine quotes "When people found out I was doing an interview with you, they were like oh my goodness, much love to him. You got me major cool points"

Check out his song in the Toyota commercial! Chalie talks with Lioness on he got the opportunity with the car company and how he plans to elevate his career after. Check out all of Chalie's boy music on his website now! 
Chalie also tells Lioness how he promotes his music and gets it out to the public once it releases. To find out all of these tips from the successful rapper himself, stay tuned for this exclusive episode. 

Lioness pays homage to her dope co-host that holds it down every week. She explains that her co-host is a creative chic that is unique in her own way. She quotes "She always brings exactly what she brings and that's who she is. That's what I like about her. You don't have to ask her to bring it, she just does". 
 She describes their relationship as dynamic and powerful. They both know what to bring to the production and they make the show fun, funny and entertaining. 
Lioness TeLaine plans a trip to Africa, the motherland. Stay tuned for the project she has coming up overseas. 
Next, Lioness TeLaine brings Public Speaker & Branding professional for NIKE, Johnny Bailley on her show to speak to the audience on how to brand their companies. He also gave the best tips on how to market what you want to see in your companies results. Lioness spent time with him discussing other organizations and brands that he played a key role in. Check out some of his writings on Black Wall Street and other black entrepreneurs. Check out his interviewing blog Shine Hard to see who he has been exposing in the industry as well as his personal website
The Queen brings in triumph and testimonial author Ron Walker. 
 Ron Walker discuss with Lioness how he over came his depression when loosing his wife, his house, multiple businesses and his grandmother. He explains to Lioness some of his deepest pains and how he got out of negative situations. Lioness asked the author if writing has always been his outlet to hurt. She quotes " Not every one is equipped with skills to express themselves and turn it into profit that changes lives. You seem like a very wise man". Author Ron Walker also explains to TeLaine that he writes when life calls him to tell a story on paper. He wrote a book in 2 days and currently has 6 books written. Visit his website and check out his hard copies and audio books as well.
Queen Lioness meets with Creative Director E. Brown of Never Satisfied to discuss becoming a brand ambassador and helping out with video visuals for their women's clothing.  
She is decked in their clothing the day before her show! She explains that she has had her eye on the brand since she interviewed Jay Oliver for one of her very first interviews. Lioness quotes " I love the brand, I love the clothes. their image is dope and I know all of their ambassadors are hard working people. I want to be apart of something like that, that is bigger than me."
Make sure to stop and check out some exclusive gear from Never Satisfied. and their website as well
 Lioness shows off her Never Satisfied chain that a good friend gave to her for the new accomplishment with the brand. She is definitely certified now!
TeLaine poses in the private Never Satisfied store after her one on one meeting with the creative director. 

Check out the clip #8 from the new movie Quintessential in which she plays lead role Saaphire Jones. The movie is expected to drop in 2017! 
 The Queen is on set of Quintessential with professional boxer and comedian Jarvis Marvis who plays her younger brother. Stay tuned for the movie dropping in theaters everywhere!
She quotes " I am elated to be working with such a funny man on this project. This is not the last once more, we will work again".
 Lioness brings R&B and Soul singer Jessica Betts to her show to speak on what she's been up to since she won Missy Elliot's hit reality show "Road to Stardom". She will be dropping two new singles on the show and speaking with the Queen about how she is making it independently in the industry. Stay tuned for this interview. Only on THE OUTLET.
 Be sure to check her music out and watch for her new hit singles on the radio! Also check for her most recent projects by visiting her website.

 For more information on how to book your interview on THE OUTLET, email 

Lioness TeLaine brings in more celebrity guests to her show! by Lioness TeLaine

Lioness TeLaine brings in more celebrity guests to her show and more exclusive interviews. 

Queen Lioness kicks off the next couple of weeks of her show with a stench of Hollywood!

She steps into the walls of Hollywood for a brief moment live on air! Lioness TeLaine invites 

Co Founder of The 5th Element Magazine, Brand Influencer of FootAction and host of the Afterbuzztv Nino Llanera. 

She spoke with Nino about some of his upcoming projects and his online hip hop and lifestyle magazine.  Nino talked about how it is living in L.A and how he got the opportunity on the Afterbuzz Tv. Make sure to check out the mag while online! . Also be sure to check him and a few others out on the Afterbuzz Tv. Before getting off air with Nino, Queen Lioness told him, she'd be in L.A very soon and she looks forward to linking with him. Stay tuned for the Queen's trip to Los Angeles. 

Next Lioness TeLaine crosses over and brings dope rock band Do We All Agree to her set. This interview segment had over 6 countries tuned in! 

She explain's that she has a diverse and broad range of music in her heart and that she comes from a back ground that appreciates and values all music for what it is. She quotes "I am in love with music, good music. I grew up listening to all genres and that is how I will develop my show; on a global platform, diverse one, with all genres, so that I can reach all audiences and touch all people. People are people, just like music. We have different kinds and we must accept them all."

She talks to 2 of the band members on behalf of the entire band. (Chris on left, Will on right) She told her audience that she loves the fact that they are still in high school and perusing their goals simultaneously.  Chris and Will talked about their upcoming shows and how they get booked at local events around Dallas. TeLaine agreed to go to one of their upcoming shows to support as there are plenty to attend! Listen to them on soundcloud. or check out their website

Watch the ENTIRE EXCLUSIVE interview here now! Press play!

 IT GOES DOWN! Press play and watch the entire interview and some right now!

Queen Lioness TeLaine celebrates the fact that she has officially over 5,000 views to her website since launching! 

Dedication and structure she explains is how she experiences some of her successes in the media and press. 

 Make sure to catch THE OUTLET  featuring artist Brandan Q right here. Press Play!

Queen Lioness TeLaine is on set of her new movie "Quintessential" coming to theaters in 2017! This photo displays her in a recording studio playing lead role "Saaphire". 

In this photo, Lioness TeLaine is on set with actor Ashton Woodard who plays her little sister.

 Watch the exclusive snippet here. Stay tuned for the movie to come to a theater near you in 2017! 

Lioness invites Recording Artist/Ghost Writer Young Gage to her show. He is a Baton Rouge native and credits Dj Smallz, Mannie Fresh, Too Short, Foxx, Lil Cali & more. Quoted from his website:

Young Gage has opened up for artists such as but not limited to, Cassidy, Webbie, Chingy, Kevin Gates, Choppa Styles and more

They talk about how it is to be behind the scenes in the music industry and how it takes a true humble artist to use their talents behind the scenes to progress. Young Gage also tells Queen Lioness about his record label he plans to launch sometime this year. 

Make sure to check out his website to see what's popping and what's new with him.

Young Gage also discussed with the Queen about his album "Pressure Points" he plans to drop. 

TeLaine gave a shout out to the artist on her personal twitter stating that he was the one artist that promoted the most for a single interview segment with her. Lioness quotes "He understands the business, that's why he is where he is." Lioness also aired his track "Baton Rouge (Southside)" the evening of his segment. Check his music out on or on

Lioness TeLaine loved his vibe on air and is looking forward to doing business with him again. 

Shout out to Duchess, the co host of THE OUTLET. Queen Lioness quotes, "She holds it down and brings vibrancy to the show." They work very well with each other and she is blessed to have her on board. 

Lioness TeLaine is on a path straight to success. To follow her and keep up with all of her latest projects, follow her on all of her social media.

Lioness TeLaine brings EXCLUSIVE GUEST live on air to her radio show THE OUTLET! by Lioness TeLaine

Lioness TeLaine gets all exclusive insiders with LLC owner and personal trainer "SportMyFitness" Yoshi Barnes. She talks with the entrepreneur on how she got her business started and good lifestyle tips for daily living.

<img src="" title="" alt=""/>

Located all the way in  Milwaukee,Wisconsin, Yoshi Barnes expressed to TeLaine what it took to embark on her business ideas and make them manifest into a working business. Visit

 for live strength and conditioning techniques and work out regimens.

Next she gets all the S

COOP from fashion designer Jolie Rashawn who is launching her own line labeled "J.R Closest". She gave professional tips on how models should conduct a modeling audition and how to stand out from the rest of your competitors. 

Lioness then talked to Jolie about her fashion show in which she is launching her own line called B.L.A.D (Bright Like A Diamond). Jolie also reviled on air that she was once a spokes model for Thorobreadz Jeans

Stay tuned for Fashion show B.L.A.D coming soon to you April 15 at the Lofty Spaces, located 816 Montgomery St. Dallas, TX. 

Press Play and watch all of the EXCLUSIVES! 

Lioness then catches up and m

ingles with K104FM Hip Hop radio station after the MAVERICKS GAME at The African American Heritage Party ! Shout out to them!  


Lioness then finds herself as a guest Appearance Co-Host on Street Committee Radio. She spoke spontaneously live on air to a fresh audience. The audience was very receptive and she loved seeing new and innovative ways to conduct a production.  SHOUT OUT to Street Committee. Lioness quoted "They give the underground scene life to live in the industry". 

BIGGUPS to the music artist Passion who came through to show love on set! 

Next Lioness takes it all the way to CHI-TOWN, getting all the DOPE INSIDES on soulful singer Sydney Jay. 

Sydney tells Lioness how she got in the music industry at such a young age and how her music reached over 17k listens on SOUND CLOUD! Lioness also played single "Attention" live on air during the evening of Sydney's segment. Go follow Sydney Jay on all of her social media. 

IG: Sydjaymusic. 

Lioness brings NEW AND DOPE CO-HOST Duchess to the set for good! 

Duchess is apart of All Star Magazine as well as Lioness and she thought it would only be right to bring her on board to THE OUTLET to represent! 

Both Lioness and Duchess bring their own flava to the show with Duchess keeping the show balanced with her humorous entertainment topics and TeLaine w her real and informative information. Both HOSTS bring out unique elements in the show and keep the listeners wanting more. 

Watch all of their episodes!

EXCLUSIVE EPISODES right here! Press play!

Lioness TeLaine talks on her radio show about the juice. THE OUTLET- Week 6.

In between airing her radio show, Lioness is also starring in the new movie "Quintessential", playing lead role Saaphire.

Saaphire (Lioness) & Lil sister Jazz. (Amber)

A Scene from "Quintessential the Movie- clip 5. Stay tuned for it coming in theaters to you in 2017!

Lioness TeLaine introduced CYPHER THURSDAY to her radio show on Week 7.  She explains that she anticipates having CYPHER THURSDAY once a month to give the hottest talent around a chance to be heard. 

6 artists spit on the mic a hard 15 minutes. 

Mr. H "Blakk Newz", Lil Cayne who spit on 106 & Park, Da Kanon & Platinum Minds (Dallas G & Yung Brown)

The evening of the cypher, Lioness quotes "All the artists are dope and I know they will be hot tonight". SHOUT OUT to all of artists that came through and showed love at the studio. 

Lioness and co-host Duchess also sits down with Former NFL Vikings Player Talance Sawyer  They talk about his career in the industry and  what he is up to now that he is out of the league

Talance takes a strikes with Duchess and Lioness. 

Check out the SHOW in its entirety.


Get caught up with all of the other episodes if you've missed one! 

Week 8, Lioness & Duchess goes hard with upcoming sexy & hot artist Brandan Q from Baton Rouge! His new hit single "U hear Me" is on K104 FM and also popular radio show Bay bay's show.  Lioness showed loved and aired it on her show as also! 

She gets the inside on how he got his music on all the radio stations! Lioness stated that he got the most social media shares for any single interview segment, bringing in more listening volume than ever on the show! BIGGUPS to Brandan Q for coming on the show and breaking records.

Lioness was also featured on a website for the Renaissance Woman! The website promotes healthy lifestyles, uplifts and rebuilds Renaissance Woman to keep her going. 


 to explore what all the site has to offer this generation of women! The founder of The Renaissance Woman is Sharay Jackson and is known to be culturally diverse and encouraging.

For inquiries on interview segments, getting your music aired, or videography for events, please email

For photography, hosting, logos, and web design send an email to

 Don't forget to watch out for the new movie "Quintessential" that TeLaine is starring in. This independent film is directed, written and produced by Sammie Johnson who was also know to be the set photographer for The Carter High movie. The movie is full of dynamics and fresh upcoming actors and actresses never before seen on screen. Lioness brings a different element to the film and quotes " I can not wait to the project drops, from there, only time will tell"

Watch this clip as Lioness plays Saaphire in this cultivating role. The movie is expected to drop sometime in 2017.

This picture was taken while filming by the director, Sammie Johnson after the airing of her radio show one night. 

Catch a whole 40 SEC snippet of the movie COMING SOON TO THEATERS!

Watch out for all of the projects Lioness TeLaine is bringing to you. It won't be long before she is on television everywhere! 

Make sure you follow Lioness on all of her social media.

INSTAGRAM: @LionessTeLaine

FACEBOOK: Kenesha Holloway

TWITTER:@Kenesha TeLaine

Lioness Telaine interviews Michelle Carter on "The Outlet" Show by Lioness TeLaine

 "2 time Olympian 2015 World Championship Bronze Medalist" Michelle Carter speaks on THE OUTLET.!
Michelle Carter is an American shot putter and is the current record holder. She was born in California, but grew up in Red Oak, Texas and attended Red Oak High school.
Michelle Carter sits down with Lioness and co-host Duchess to tell her story and how she became a PRO ATHLETE!. 
Lioness mentions how humbled Michelle is and that she was honored to be sitting in the same room as her. She quoted "This is crazy, I never would have thought. Life is a blessing, life is possible". WATCH for what Michelle had to say on AIR!
Next, Lioness brings comedian & PRO Welter Weight Boxer Marvelous Jarvis to the set! 
He talks to Lioness about his first upcoming professional fight! Stay tuned for who he fought and the KNOCK OUT he gave to his opponent! 
He tells TeLaine how he got started in comedy and how his videos receives over A MILLION VIEWS!!
Jarvis brings in his first win of his career! 
Next...Lioness steps into a different age bracket with Youth Model Nylah Jade
Nylah Jade is a published model who has been seen in commercials and other professional adds. 10 year old Nylah spoke her mind in the Power 214 studios and expressed to TeLaine where she saw herself as a teen.
 Co-host and model Faithe Kinsler, Nylah and Lioness poses side by side after their exclusive interview segment went down.  Nylah tells both ladies that she had a lot of fun and that she can not wait to do more radio interviews! Watch out for Nylah in more fashion shows. Visit her official fan page on Facebook at "Nylah Jade Modeling Page"
Next Lioness TeLaine is seen filming new movie "Quintessential", Directed and Written by Sammie Johnson. 
Sammie is known to be the set photographer for the movie "Carter High" starring Forest Whitaker & Angela Bassett. Lioness plays a leading role "Sapphire". 
The new independent film is set to drop in 2017!  Director Sammie Johnson speaks about his new film and what to expect from it on THE OUTLET. Catch a few scenes from the rising movie below!
Be sure to check out the interview clips and get more familiar with the other lead actors and actresses in the film!
Director Sammie Johnson (Left) and Michelle Carter Pro Nike Athlete & 2015 Olympian (right) hang out at the radio station after their interview on THE OUTLET. Only on Power 214 Radio! 
Make sure you catch Lioness TeLaine on THE OUTLET, every Thursday, 7-9pm on
Google "Lioness TeLaine" and find ALL other related interviewing content online!
Thanks to the SHOUT OUT, Director Sammie Johnson gave Lioness for her hard work and dedication to her craft. Sammie quoted "She's the biggest female hustler I know... she don't know I was loving the way she operates months before I even asked her to be one of the stars of the movie...I be peeping the trill and the busters...even if I don't say nothing". 
FOLLOW Lioness on all of her social media.
FACEBOOK "Kenesha Holloway"
INSTAGRAM "Lioness TeLaine"

Lioness TeLaine brings in 2015 with a BANG! by Lioness TeLaine

                                Lioness TeLaine goes inside of Dallas' most popular fashion house.
Pink Lucy and Lioness sits down and talk fashion and goals with one another. She talks to TeLaine about the ups and downs of the industry and how to successfully own and manage a working boutique. 
TeLaine walks around the walls where Pink Lucy creates some of her most famous pieces. Pink Lucy reveals that her first celebrity is Shaunice O'Neal (former wife of Shaquille O' Neal). Others include Fantasia and girls from VH1 Basketball Wives.

Lioness expressed that she loved the fashion house feel that the space gave her and that she thought it was very vibrant in color. She was impressed with the designs and furniture that was placed to enhance the décor of the fashion house.
TeLaine SHOUTS OUT All Star Magazine for the collaboration on the production!

She THEN heads to the Power214 Radio Studio where EXCLUSIVE action takes place.
                               979THEBOX guest appearance on Power 214 Radio!
Don't forget to TUNE into Lioness TeLaine's online radio show THE OUTLET every Thursday, 7-9pm on
A few weeks later......
Lioness TeLaine finds her way inside of one the most popular and respected radio station studios! 979THEBEAT!!!!
Check out and watch the exclusive footage inside 979TheBeat STUDIOS featuring the infamous Jkruz!
Dj Scream, Jkruz and rapper Dorrough LIVE ON AIR! Dj Scream tells Jkruz how he has 6-700 mix tapes! WATCH THIS DOPE FOOTAGE! You can also check out and watch the footage on YouTube.
 Lioness and Dj SCREAM poses for the cameras in the studio! They chop it up after.
Also, stay tuned for "Mr. H" performance live at Soiree Lounge.
Lioness TeLaine works seamlessly dropping content behind the scenes with All Star Magazine for dope stuff coming in 2016!
2016 Issue
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 Lioness brings All Star Magazine's very own artist Tspeed and 5upermanhoe to her radio show THE OUTLET. Check out their radio single "Shake muh booty". They will be featured on the premiere! Don't miss it! Launching New Years Eve, Thursday, December, 31st. 7-9pm.
 Lioness TeLaine is also featuring well known, respected and published MUA Artist D'Ann Lynch. Wait to hear what she has coming up in 2016! Find out unique tips from her and more!! Premiering December 31st. 7-9pm.

THE JOINT! Lioness TeLaine goes inside the four walls of the new upscale club! by Lioness TeLaine

The Joint
10333 Technology Blvd E, Dallas, TX 75220 
  Catch a sip at one of the many bars the club has to offer!! At The Joint, you can catch a drink and also find ALL the networkers you need under one roof. Martini maybe? 
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Hop on the dance floor or catch the MC on stage getting the crowd RIGHT! Stick around For Karma Saturdays and Soulful Sundays as well.
 Lioness said there were definitely good vibes left at this bar. There is plenty of space for you and your crowd to bring in a smooth cocktail. Lioness' favorite cocktail that night was a Kettle One Martini! Try it next time your at The Joint!
Lioness TeLaine's view of the dance floor.
She stated that she loved the lighting inside of the club. She said it gave the club a nice esthetic feel and a sexy welcome to the guests.
Watch the entire PROMO CLIP. You can also catch it on Youtube!
Click on the PROMO VIDEO right here!
Lioness TeLaine finally makes her way around to the DJ BOOTH. Flicking pics with Dj Flip!
Make sure to show him some love if you catch yourself in his area.
Get out and shake your tail feather on the complimentary dance floor.
  Lioness TeLaine caught some pretty dope pictures of the new renovated club in the inside. She said she loves everything in the club from the furniture, to the mirrors on the wall in the VIP area.  GOOD SHOT!
Lioness putting in work on the outskirts of The Joint. She said she loved the different levels and areas of the club. TeLaine also said that they definitely put in a lot of creativity into the design and décor of the club and she appreciates the ambiance.
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Canidates Richard Vazquez and Preston Payne running for City Council See what they have to say!!!! by Lioness TeLaine

Candidate Preston Payne running for Dallas City Council and Richard Vazquez running for City Council, District 6, talks with Lioness TeLaine about diverse issues in Dallas!
Richard Vazquez walking with Lioness. He expresses his thoughts on some of the things he witnesses day to day in Dallas.

Preston Payne poses in front of the Bomb Factory, pondering on his ambitions. He expressed to Lioness TeLaine that he is genuine and he would be genuine to the people. He said that he could relate to the public and help bring the awareness needed.

The politicians and Lioness chose to take a stroll downtown Dallas to film most of the interview. Downtown Dallas can be home to destitute people who are left with no shelter and very little to no food. Richard wanted to bring conscious attention to the area.

  Lioness TeLaine said that she feels that Richard Vazquez is very passionate about the concerns of the people and his desires to express resolutions in office. Stay tuned in the video on what he is willing to do to bring change as City Council.

Get a load of that art on the side of the building! Downtown Deep Ellum is one of TeLaine's most favorite places to visit because of the culture. It is immersed with diverse art, food, music and people. TeLaine expressed that the area of downtown alone is art to her.

 Lioness TeLaine and Richard Vazquez walks down this path to talk about their ambitions and goals. Elections are in 2017, which is not far away. Richard talks about how preparation is a must have in a field like his. He also expresses where he see's himself in 5 years. Watch for the digital version of this interview in the video!
You can also find the entire video on Youtube.
Preston Payne talks about his 5 year stay in Hawaii.
 Payne runs into his old basketball coach! Catch the conversation clip in the exclusive interview video.

Both candidate Richard Vazquez (top) and Preston Payne (bottom) is endeavoring to bring about awareness on different issues in the community that they live in. Lioness quoted "their passionate drives and ambitions can only lead them to a place they want to go. If they want to bring change, then change will come. "
Don't forget to VOTE for these candidates and support their movements to adjust the commonalities of issues seen in the city.   

Preston challenging Lioness to a game of basketball. She gladly accepts this challenge. Stay TUNED for hopefully a basketball game on film with the politician candidate and the infamous Lioness TeLaine!!!

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