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Photos by Crystal Armstrong and Sammie Johnson.

Lioness TeLaine” born Kenesha Holloway in Gary, Indiana always knew what a hardworking and a disciplined mind could do. Lioness was raised as the only child and relocated often enough to attend 5 different high schools early in her child hood. This helped Lioness to become diverse and multicultural in many areas of life. Realizing her gift for drawing and her talents for acting, poetry, and modeling at a young age, helped her to establish a solid knowledge of what she wanted to do as an adult.  By the age of 17, while attending Milwaukee High school of the Arts and majoring in theater, Lioness had the opportunity to travel overseas for nearly a month to perform. She had also managed to write a poem in which was composed into a song and featured in the same play she performed in overseas in the United Kingdom. Lioness then graduated high school and attended Chicago Columbia College on a few scholarships. Located downtown Chicago, she learned how to hustle her way through a grimy environment at a pace she was never familiar with. Lioness majored in Film production her first year and Arts Management with a concentration in Visual Arts Management her second. She learned to network, engage and communicate with different cultures and people from all walks of life.  She also begin to sale her custom art in Chicago and St. Louis via art exhibits or word of mouth. Lioness maintained a 3.4 GPA in school, while working a part time job at Radio Shack and also selling her art on the side. She quickly began to adapt a strong work ethic, creating her experience in film, abstract art, networking and street promotions.  After completing 2 years of school, she later moved to Dallas, Texas with her grandmother to join other family members. Since her move in 2012, she has accomplished much more than people her age and still continues to break barriers. In the summer of 2015, Lioness bought a camera and began interviewing behind the scenes at local events, producing and filming short promotional clips, capturing footage at single release parties, talk shows and much more! She received over 1,000 views the first 3 weeks of launching her website and by networking with the right people and getting her name out, she later partnered with All Star Magazine. Shortly after, Lioness got offered an opportunity to produce and host her on radio show The Outlet on Power 214 Radio.  Lioness since has proven that she does not plan to stop any time soon, working and interviewing international entertainers, Nike consultants, local artists, athletes, celebrities, professional actors, youth models, entrepreneurs, business owners and many more since launching her radio show on December 31st, 2015.   To find more on Lioness TeLaine, simply go to google or visit her website




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Lioness TeLaine