Lioness TeLaine


"The show brings all cultures and calibers together to bring exposure, awareness and entertainment to an audience who demands and appreciates it. Also, with the founder and host of the show being a woman, it is safe to say that the show brings exposure to uplift the artistic and entrepreneurial woman in a positive image and semblance." 

The Outlet is one that exposes established and novice professionals in the industry who are always in the shadow of the big picture as well as those who are not. It provides the audience a chance to get to know the individual behind the scenes who make the productions, projects and events come to life. It also provides the opportunity for the professional to give insight to the public on how blueprints, projects and goals manifest. 

Lioness TeLaine is a creative and uniquely diverse entrepreneur who produces, manages, casts and publishes all content and productions related to THE OUTLET radio show. 

The Outlet is a platform that offers informative topics and subjects as well as keeping the audience informed with the latest in fashion, sports, local and celebrity entertainment. 

The Outlet also gives local artists a chance to air music by meeting radio guidelines and paying a small nominal fee. The community and the world around it, looks up to The Outlet to bring exposure to the environment and industry it operates within. Not to mention, all of the guest appearances and interviewees are REAL FANS of the brand! Each show is professionally branded and marketed by recording, filming and photographing each production. All productions can be found on LionessTeLaine.com. 


Lioness TeLaine pursues her radio show THE OUTLET to be the “door” to the entertainment industry. Incorporating sound production knowledge, marketing skills and creative visions, she seeks for her brand to be the voice for those who do not have one in the industry. From ground up, The Outlet is exposing creative professionals in the entertainment industry one by one.